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When it comes to buying Christian jewelry, you have many style choices.
Crucified and Crosses

For Christians, the cross is not a symbol of Jesus' death but of his triumph over every death, opening the way for all believers to reach paradise. Although the terms "crucified" and "cross" are used somewhat interchangeably, there is a significant difference between the two. A cross depicts an image of Christ on it, while a cross remains empty. Crosses with reliquaries are another variation of the standard cross. These crosses contain a modular opening to carry small relics of saints or sacred wood, which the bearers believe offer gifts and / or protection to those who wear them. You can wear crosses with crucifixes and crosses as pendants or earrings.
Rosaries and rosaries

Although technically not jewelry, Christians wear both rosaries and rosaries when reciting prayers and the arrangement of their beads is designed to reflect their prayers. These pieces range from the very simple to the very elaborate, but each has a specific unique beauty. The rosaries are often the size of bracelets, while the Rosaries can be worn around the neck or as rings in smaller versions.
Religious Necklaces

Religious Necklaces are extremely popular pieces of Christian jewelry, especially those of the Catholic and Orthodox faith. Each Necklace is associated with one of the established saints and conveys a specific message. The Miraculous Necklace is probably the most commonly worn religious Necklace of all. This Necklace presents its origin in the visions of St. Catherine, who is said to have received instructions for its construction from the Virgin Mary herself. It is commonly believed that prayer with the Miraculous Necklace will receive the intervention of the Virgin Mary for its purpose. St. Christopher has also been a very popular topic for Christian jewelry all these years, and it remains, although its existence has been disputed by some religious officials.
Pendants with coins

Today, coin pendants are mostly heirlooms or antiques at expensive prices. Coins with images of Christ and the cross were minted during the reign of Emperor Constantine. Holes were drilled in the tops of these coins to be turned into pendants or necklaces.
Angels Jewelry

Angel jewelry is surprisingly popular in the Orthodox and Catholic faith. Angels are widely believed to be heavenly messengers as well as personal guardians, and have therefore gained widespread popularity. Angels appear in a wide range of Christian jewelry, such as necklaces, brooches and earrings. Angels also make wonderful additions to bracelets.
Historical value

To understand how Christian jewelry was created, you can see the first beginnings of the Christian faith, because the two are intertwined. In the years following Jesus' death, his followers were also persecuted and executed, thus gaining faith in the catacombs. Christian rights were practiced in secret locations behind closed doors, and the Christians themselves took care to hide their faith from the Roman emperors. Christian jewelry has evolved as a means of identifying Christians among themselves. He was usually quite discreet in design and often hid under clothes, appearing only when a person was reasonably certain he was in similar company.

Although Christian jewelry is quite attractive, most people do not wear this jewelry to enhance their personal beauty as they could with other styles of accessories. This piece of jewelry is usually worn, as it was in antiquity, to make a subtle statement about one's faith and personal beliefs.

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