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From Heart to Hand: Tips & Ideas to Give a Promise Ring

Take your relationship to the next level with one of our creative and romantic ways to give your partner a promise ring.

These days, you can declare your relationship status with a click of a button on social media. But if you're hunting for a more traditional way to let the world know, a promise ring may be just the thing. If this is up your alley, we've got all the romantic ways for how to give someone a promise ring.
Romantic Ideas for Giving Someone a Promise Ring

Whether your relationship is fun and spontaneous or thoughtful and romantic, we have ideas. Isn't is great to know you've got options?
Give It During a Special Occasion

Present a promise ring as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday. As your partner opens it, tell them what it means to you. Share a detail about how much you love them, saying something like, "I love you so much that I wanted to buy you this ring as a promise to our relationship and our future together."
Choose a Special Spot

Visit a location that has special significance like the place of your first kiss or where you had a monumental date. These spots are great places to present your gift and let them know how much you care.
Use Your Talents

If you're a writer, poet, artist, or musician, use your creative skills to craft a special moment for gifting the promise ring. Use words or imagery to show how much you love your partner. Include all the things you promise like, "This ring symbolizes my promise to love you and make you coffee every morning. I promise to take care of you when you're sick. I promise to buy you your favorite cookies when you need a sweet treat." Sharing your talent will make this moment even more special.
Be Playful

If you're a playful pair, create a scavenger hunt for this special gift. Get started with a note that says, "I bought you something" and includes the location of the next one.  The next note could read, "I know your favorite stone is opal, so I found the most special ring." Have the final note explain the ring's meaning. "This promise ring is all about our love, what got us to this point, and I want to continue to nourish all that we've built together."

Consider what you love to do together as inspiration for how and when to gift your promise ring. If you have a standing brunch date on Sundays, that may be the perfect time to gift it! Say something like, "I picked out this promise ring for you because I want to keep having brunch together for all the years to come."
Buy the Ring Together

Go the opposite route and let your love know in advance that you want to buy a promise ring. You can even select a matching ring for yourself, which is a sweet way to show the two of you are a pair.
Need to Know

Anyone can wear a promise ring on any finger. They're not reserved for only one partner. When you want to share your commitment, do what feels right to you!
What to Say When Presenting a Promise Ring

The right thing to say when giving a promise ring will always come from the heart. What does this love mean to you? Why are you making this beautiful promise? How do you want to grow together? What do you see in your future? These are the things you can talk about when giving the ring. Make it clear what you're promising and your hopes and dreams together.
Need to Know

Getting down on one knee to gift a ring is generally reserved for engagement. It may be best to save this gesture (if that's your thing) for if that day comes.
A Promise Ring Is a Beautiful Token of Love

There are many traditional (outdated) "rules" on committment, and rings, and anything involving relationships. But each couple should have their own rules. A promise ring can mean whatever you want it to mean, but above all, it means you're deeply in love, and that's worth celebrating.

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