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Eternity rings & Half Eternity Rings: Importance, History, How to Wear

Eternity rings & Half Eternity Rings: Importance, History, How to Wear
  Also known for all the infinite rings, the kiwi clouds. It is a gorgeous jewelry decorated in a continuous line with gemstones, usually diamonds.
 There are two types of ring rings - the eternity rings and the half eternity rings.Eternity rings are full of shiny stones and are more expensive, while the half eternity rings have only stones on the upper side, that is, the side that appears on the hand.

 The history of the eternity rings is lost in the depths of time, and some believe it begins 4,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. It is considered a romantic gift of love. We find the rings in the form we know today around the 18th century and were used as a wedding or engagement ring. Unlike today's siren rings, which are usually decorated with diamonds, the 18th century eternity rings were decorated with colorful stones. The form we know today was made known by the company De Deers, which launched an extremely successful advertising campaign aimed at married couples with a slogan that said "Married rich or poor. Give her a ring to understand"
  In English they call it the eternity ring, because without beginning and end, the ring is the perfect symbol of endless love and devotion and also symbolizes the eternal cycle of life.
 What are the reasons we can give a eternity rings? The main thing is to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Traditionally it is the main reason a wife gives his wife a eternity rings. It is a great gift for the first 10 years of a couple as well as a gift for the birth of your first child. After all, the first child in a couple It is one of the highlights of their lives that is worth celebrating. America shows your partner how much you appreciate and love her, but it is also a good way to symbolize your eternal love and commitment.

 The man proposing marriage with a ring ring.
 In recent years many couples have decided to break tradition using an engagement ring as a engagement ring. An ideal choice for couples looking for something that is not traditional but at the same time unique because of their unique appearance and romantic significance.
 Can you have a  eternity rings without getting married?
The short answer - absolutely!
 While tradition dictates that cloud rings are for post-marriage Many couples today choose to overcome this Trend. In modern times, many people do not feel that they need to get married to show their love, but they still long for a way to show their endless commitment to their partner. In these cases a  eternity rings is the perfect solution.
How to Wear a Rings Ring Which finger, which row?
 There are no rules on which finger a ring should be worn. Many women choose to wear it on the third finger of their left hand. However, if you already wear your ring and your soles, you can wear it on the same finger of your other hand. If you want to wear your one-piece ring with the  eternity rings on the same finger you will need to pay attention to how you order it. Some women wear the  eternity rings between the two, that is, between the ring and the ring, while others put the  eternity rings on the top followed by the ring and then the ring. Depending on the size of your fingers this line can be a bit cumbersome and uncomfortable if you prefer to wear them separately, prefer to wear the ring in your left hand.

1. Choosing a style
 When choosing a eternity ring the first thing to consider is whether you want a loose or a semi-loose ring, This of course has to do with the amount you want to spend most of them usually choose and due to the cost of the loose loops. However, nothing compares to a gorgeous lightweight diamond ring that shines with its gorgeous diamonds.
2. Choosing a metal
 The most beautiful metal that fits in the eternity rings in my opinion is platinum as it fully enhances the beauty of the ring Also because it is tougher as a metal it will cope better with women who want to wear the ring everyday with the hassle of it way!!! Of course, nowadays, all the styles and must-haves have been eliminated, both pink gold and yellow are very common in rings. One of the most famous examples of a platinum ring was the one Joey Di Magogia offered to Marilyn Monroe on their wedding day.

 In our workshop you will find a range of handmade rings with top quality craftsmanship and lab prices so that all women can get a great ring. Contact us and choose the design you like and we will guide you On what quality and purity of Diamonds you should choose according to your financial ability thus saving money without discounting diamond quality

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