• Diamond Necklaces
    Diamond Necklaces

    Handmade necklace with diamonds or mineral stones at a workshop price with excellent finishing and quality from our workshop !!!

  • Necklaces Silver/Gold
    Necklaces Silver/Gold

    Womens necklace in 925 sterling silver or 14ct   gold in beautiful designs and always at laboratory prices

  • Evil Eye Necklace
    Evil Eye Necklace

    Wonderful designs with a flawless construction in 925 sterling silver or gold. Explore our collection and now make your own a gorgeous gem

  • Name Necklaces
    Name Necklaces

    Tell us what name you want and we will build it and send it to you by offering you a perfect personalized jewelry

  • Letter Pendants
    Letter Pendants

    Now get your own monogram for the neck made with emphasis on detail

  • Zodiac

    Browse our collection with the signs and something of yours a necklace with your sign at a workshop price always

  • Rosaries

    Handmade rosaries hand-woven made in our workshop with an emphasis on detail and quality of construction. Making the purchase from our online store is also guaranteed these services as your jewels look like the first day you wear

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