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Alternative Engagement Rings

Are diamonds really forever? These alternative special solitaire rings say yes by highlighting every bride and every woman who wants to look unique. Special alternative solitaire rings for brides who love unique jewelry!!!






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Alternative Engagement Rings 3 products.

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Delicate Womens Rose Gold...

A ring that shines like the sea

This 14k rose gold single stone is a dreamy choice to propose to. The center stone, a stunning aquamarine, shines with blue reflections, reminiscent of the deep blue of the sea. To the right and left, sparkling white zircon stones frame the aquamarine, adding a touch of sparkle and luxury.

Weighing 3.2 grams and quality construction, this ring is an investment that will last forever. Its width of 10mm makes it an impressive presence in the hand, while maintaining an elegance and delicacy.

Whether your sweetheart loves the sea, or simply adores the color blue, this ring is sure to enchant her. It is a symbol of devotion, love and eternal beauty.

Gold 14k, Pink Gold, 50
Gold 14k, Pink Gold, 58
Gold 14k, Pink Gold, 53
Gold 14k, Pink Gold, 56
Gold 14k, Pink Gold, 51
Gold 14k, Pink Gold, 59
Gold 14k, Pink Gold, 54
Gold 14k, Pink Gold, 57
Gold 14k, Pink Gold, 52
Gold 14k, Pink Gold, 60
Gold 14k, Pink Gold, 55
4.9 42

Aquamarine White Gold...

Aquamarine monostone: Symbol of eternal love

Let the blue of the sea symbolize your love with this stunning Aquamarine single stone. The brilliant center stone, surrounded by white zircons, shines like a star in the sky.



Center Synthetic Aquamarine Stone

White zircons

Weight: 3.2 grams

Width: 10 mm

Quality construction


Aquamarine symbolizes peace, tranquility, happiness and faith.

White zircons represent purity, innocence and eternal love.

Ideal for:

A woman who loves the sea and nature.

A romantic marriage proposal.

An anniversary or birthday gift.

Gold 14k, Yellow Gold, 54
Gold 14k, Yellow Gold, 57
Gold 14k, Yellow Gold, 52
Gold 14k, Yellow Gold, 60
Gold 14k, Yellow Gold, 55
Gold 14k, Yellow Gold, 50
Gold 14k, Yellow Gold, 58
Gold 14k, Yellow Gold, 53
Gold 14k, Yellow Gold, 56
Gold 14k, Yellow Gold, 51
Gold 14k, Yellow Gold, 59
4.9 42

Alternative Engagement Ring...

Alternative solitaire ring with morganite and brilliant cut diamonds in 18K gold finish I keep on hand at a lower than traditional retail prices so you have the opportunity to get a quality ring for a wedding proposal or for any other occasion you want to express the feelings for the beloved your. The morganite weight is 0.50 Ct and the diamond brilliant is 0.08 Ct

Gold 18k, Pink Gold, 56
Gold 18k, Yellow Gold, 51
Gold 18k, Yellow Gold, 59
Gold 18k, White Gold, 54
Gold 18k, White Gold, 55
Gold 18k, Pink Gold, 57
Gold 18k, Yellow Gold, 52
Gold 18k, Yellow Gold, 60
Gold 18k, White Gold, 56
Gold 18k, Pink Gold, 50
Gold 18k, Pink Gold, 58
Gold 18k, Yellow Gold, 53
Gold 18k, White Gold, 57
Gold 18k, Pink Gold, 51
Gold 18k, Pink Gold, 59
Gold 18k, Yellow Gold, 54
Gold 18k, Yellow Gold, 55
Gold 18k, White Gold, 50
Gold 18k, White Gold, 58
Gold 18k, Pink Gold, 52
Gold 18k, Pink Gold, 60
Gold 18k, Yellow Gold, 56
Gold 18k, White Gold, 51
Gold 18k, White Gold, 59
Gold 18k, Pink Gold, 53
Gold 18k, Yellow Gold, 57
Gold 18k, White Gold, 52
Gold 18k, White Gold, 60
Gold 18k, Pink Gold, 54
Gold 18k, Pink Gold, 55
Gold 18k, Yellow Gold, 50
Gold 18k, Yellow Gold, 58
Gold 18k, White Gold, 53
4.9 42

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