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Minimal Solitaire Ring

Stunning glittering on-trend  eye-catching  engagement rings solitaire rings that you haven't seen before at Visiongold® jewelry collection. Browse our rich collection and find the impressive solitaire ring that will make her say yes..Yes. Free shipping  in luxury packaging

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St. Michael the Archangel...

We are proud to present to you a Silver Archangel Michael Cross Necklace featuring religious scenes delicately engraved in 925 oxidized silver by our experienced artisans our® workshop !!! Perfect to gift to a loved one or even buy for yourself. Its details capture the eye and so in addition to a symbol of your faith you also have a small work of art at the same time. You can choose a lanyard or a silver chain and it will be yours in a lovely box with free shipping

Chain, 22" (55cm)
Chain, 18" (45cm)
Chain, 24" (60cm)
Chain, 20" (50cm)
Cord, 18" (45cm)
Cord, 24" (60cm)
Cord, 20" (50cm)
Cord, 22" (55cm)
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