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St Demetrius Christian Orthodox Necklaces

Looking for St Demetrius orthodox cross necklace ? This is a classic handmade religious cross necklaces for the orthodox christian church or religious events. 

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St Demetrius Christian Orthodox Necklaces 4 products.

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Art Nouveau Antique Silver...

Discover the unique vintage ring with a woman design in pink and create an atmosphere of romance and elegance. This elegant piece of jewelry combines the classic glamor of vintage style with the warmth and femininity of pink. The depiction of a female figure adds a subtle and unique touch to the jewelry, highlighting the beauty and allure of femininity. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a timeless and sophisticated ring that will add sparkle and style to any look. Show off your personal character and create unforgettable moments with this unique ring.

Silver, Pink Gold, 56
Silver, Pink Gold, 64
Silver, Pink Gold, 59
Silver, Pink Gold, 67
Silver, Pink Gold, 51
Silver, Pink Gold, 62
Silver, Pink Gold, 70
Silver, Pink Gold, 54
Silver, Pink Gold, 57
Silver, Pink Gold, 65
Silver, Pink Gold, 60
Silver, Pink Gold, 68
Silver, Pink Gold, 52
Silver, Pink Gold, 63
Silver, Pink Gold, 55
Silver, Pink Gold, 58
Silver, Pink Gold, 66
Silver, Pink Gold, 50
Silver, Pink Gold, 61
Silver, Pink Gold, 69
Silver, Pink Gold, 53
4.9 42

Christian Orthodox Cross...

Men's cross necklace with Saint Demetrius designed to fully express your religious faith and at the same time to wear a piece of jewelry every day that will be not only a talisman but also a small work of art. It is available in 925 silver with a cord and chain and it will be yours inside in a lovely box with free shipping

Chain, 18" (45cm)
Chain, 24" (60cm)
Chain, 20" (50cm)
Chain, 22" (55cm)
Leather, 22" (55cm)
Leather, 18" (45cm)
Leather, 24" (60cm)
Leather, 20" (50cm)
4.9 42

Silver St Demetrius Men's...

Silver men's shield amulet necklace with Saint Demetrius available with 925 silver chain OR alternatively with cord. A beautiful men's amulet necklace will not only be an everyday fashion accessory but also a statement of faith. Just choose the length and it will be yours in a lovely box with free shipping

Silver, Chain, 22" (55cm)
Silver, Leather, 20" (50cm)
Silver, Chain, 18" (45cm)
Silver, Chain, 24" (60cm)
Silver, Leather, 22" (55cm)
Silver, Chain, 20" (50cm)
Silver, Leather, 18" (45cm)
Silver, Leather, 24" (60cm)
4.9 42

Rosary Silver St Demetrius...

Gorgeous men's rosary amulet shield with Saint Demetrius available in 925 silver to best complete your style while making a strong statement of faith. You are just a few clicks away from getting a everyday fashion accessory that will also be a small work of art with special symbolism. It will be yours in a lovely box with free shipping

4.9 42

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