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5 rules to wear rings | Ring Symbolism

5 rules to wear rings | Ring Symbolism

How do you know if a person is married? You look at his hand for a ring. That is the power of this small circular object - it signals to the world information about you.

Unfortunately, though, most men don't know how men should wear rings.

Sure, we know what a wedding ring is, but that's about it. So how can you control the message you're sending? Today we cover the five rules every man should know about wearing rings:

    Understand that every ring sends a message
    Pay attention to the proportion of your ring
    Balance the number of rings on both hands
    Match the metals of your rings
    Wear your ring with confidence
    The symbolism of rings on the different fingers
    How many rings is too many?

Rule #1 Understand that each ring sends a message

The rings you wear send subliminal or direct messages. Whether you served in the Navy or Marine Corps, a ring easily identifies your connection.

Rings used to serve as a sign of wealth and power. The size of a precious stone and the clarity of the gemstone indicated superior quality and therefore a person of considerable wealth.

Consider the placement of a ring. They occupy a prominent place on the hands. It is difficult to lose it.

When it comes to the question of how men should wear rings, readers often ask me why I wear my wedding ring on my right hand and not on my left, as is customary in North America.

People notice your rings. They may not say anything, but they get subtle clues based on the rings you wear. Be careful about the messages you send through your choice of rings.

By the way, if you were still waiting for an explanation. the custom in the Orthodox Church is to wear the ring on the right hand. This is a common practice in most parts of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.
Rule #2 Pay attention to the proportion of your wedding ring
Now, that leads us to rule number three which is the ratio.

If you have large hands, feel free to wear larger rings. Men with smaller hands should maintain proportions by wearing smaller rings.

By the same token, if you have thin fingers - keep your rings thin and compact. Belts that are wide will look better on men with fuller fingers.

You also want to be careful here and not wear too many rings at the same time. Even if you have larger hands and thick fingers, it will look weird if you wear a ton of rings spread out on your hands, regardless of their size.

There are some occasions when you are given a ring - a class ring at graduation, for example. These tend to be a bit larger than typical men's rings, such as rings. Just make sure you choose one that is proportionate to your hands.

Smaller hands, smaller rings. Bigger hands, bigger rings. Very simple.
Rule #3 Balance your rings on both hands

Now, let's go to the balance - it's different from the ratio. Balance is wearing pieces and wearing jewelry in a way that looks uniform.

So don't crowd your jewelry together, but balance it on both hands. If you wear a wedding ring and a watch on your left hand, balance them with a bracelet on your right wrist.
Balance your rings on both hands, not just one

If you're going to bring a second ring, then again, go for the right wrist. The visual weight of your watch plus your ring will balance it out.

Gentlemen, there is an element of experimentation here. You may need to try different combinations to find one that you are happy with. Just make sure you avoid having your watch, five rings and a bracelet on one hand... while your other hand is completely bare.

When men wear rings everything should look harmonious and this leads us to the fourth rule which is matching metals.
Rule #4 Match the metals of your rings
Most men are content to choose between silver or gold. The choice should be determined by whether your skin has a cool or warm tone.

    Wear silver if you have a cool tone. Your skin has a cool tone if your veins are visible.
    Wear gold if you have a warmer skin tone. In this case your veins will not be visible.

Should your belt buckle match your jewelry? Yes, to look as coordinated as possible, try to match as many accessories as possible. Everything from the metal on your belt buckle, watch and rings should be in a similar tone.

This is where experimenting with the metals on your watches can also come in handy, as, say, you have a set of watches that have silver faces and black bands, you could match the metals on your rings, allowing yourself to wear silver tone rings plus those that may have black elements.

The key, as I said before, is balance. As long as the colors and tones are balanced, it will look great.

You don't have to match the metals exactly. Stainless steel and white gold will match each other. But try to maintain as much uniformity as possible.

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