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Men's Accessories ..... For Women !!!

Men's Accessories ..... For Women !!!

Gothic accessories for your girlfriends - they will be thrilled with them

 Although at VisionGold we have quite a few Gothic men's rings, but they are unisex attractive to ladies. Specifically those who like the gothic style of jewelry here will find plenty that can be worn by both men and women !!!

Gothic rings
  A ring is the most lightweight and popular fashion accessory for both men and women. It will become a gorgeous jewel in a man's hand and will add grandeur and style to a lady's appearance. We have done our best to craft in our workshop unique quality handmade rings and the last detail to get the best rings and meet the need for every person to complete their style with a gothic ring from the collection us. In this gothic nail ring we reflect the love for dragons that has been brought to the big screen through various series such as Game of Thrones. The ring carries the essence of a dragon, its powers, the power of wildlife and its beauty !!! These wonderful creatures mock and present But sometimes they bring chaos to destruction and death with their flaming breath and ruthless canines and sharp nails !!! If any of the above represents and excites you then this ring is perfect for you ..... Make Your Own

Christian rings-rings with saints
 Another choice for your fingers is our unique range of Saints' rings and Christian symbols !!!! Wearing such a ring besides A unique and unique fashion accessory you have made your own and a ring symbol and statement of your faith !!!! In unparalleled detail the Christian rings we create at VisionGold will excite and love you. They are designed in perfect proportions so that when you wear it on your finger you will feel that you are wearing a sturdy silver ring and not a fake one as the sole purpose is to make it easy ... Shop online and get a unique christian ring that can be worn comfortable and feminine and thus elevate your style

 Bracelet with crosses ... will love it
 A beautiful handmade bracelet pretty wide that will make a difference to your look taking off your style !!! It can also be worn comfortably by a woman who likes loose bracelets, and is also a traditional Byzantine jewelry that alternates with crosses and ornate carriages. It has a safety lock that opens by pressing right and left two buttons in the lock so that it closes and opens safely ..... You won't find many jewelry with this type of lock and the ones you will find will cost a lot. thousands of euros
Wolf pendant .... Ideal for her too
 This pendant with the live representation of a wolf imprinting all the details on a gorgeous jewelry with a special symbolism. The wolf from ancient times is an animal that symbolizes power and freedom. The power of the wolf strongly drives the appetite for Freedom and living life guided by primitive instincts. Wearing a pendant with a wolf certainly manifests its presence as a guide to your life, it could be a call to live your life more freely and bring the intensity of passion into your daily life !!! Keep the spirit alive and trust your instincts to find the lifestyle that suits you best. We offer this jewelry with a leather cord but upon request we can make it with a chain to cover all styles !!!

 Men's ring with stone and heads .... He will love it
 A special men's ring but imagine it in the hands of your beloved !!! She will take off her style making this ring her favorite. The heads are generally symbols of motifs For many decades ... Of course, we often find the heads in tattoos, in clothes, and in every aspect of our daily lives. The heads have been given strong religious associations in many cultures. This applies to two of the major religions of the East, Hinduism and Buddhism. In fact, the heads are so important symbols that have been identified until the dawn of Hindu civilization !!! In ancient India, the heads of the gods adorned the goddess and the gods as bracelets or necklaces, revealing their ability. For example, Nataraja, an incarnation of Shiva, dances the creation dance with a skull necklace. He identifies with the garland of necropsies around his neck as the passage of all beings, along with time.
For the Hindu, this is really a natural evolution of existence. everything goes round. Life and death are part of the game and are adopted - they have never resisted.
Although the representation of the dead in Hinduism is simple, Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism go a little deeper. Compared to Hinduism, skulls are depicted as necklaces around a deity. They are called munda malas. Instead of representing reduction or death, it means the Buddhist concept of vacuum.
In Buddhism, emptiness is regarded as the quality of this world. This usually means that it has no character in itself. It basically says that all cases are impartial - but we choose to magnify them.

Men's jewelry ring .... She'll love it
Unique men's ring with black or red stone that gives style soaring !!!! We like women a lot and they have ordered it a lot by wearing it as a regular ring but also as a regular. You can freely give it to your girlfriend If she likes tribal rings .... She will thank you especially if she has a tattoo and her style will really take off. Signs do not matter the men's ring - the women's ring, but what they like and what goes into each and every one, after all, some years ago it was unthinkable for a man to wear an earring, now ... Is it?

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