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Men's Signet Rings - Men's Eye-catching Accessories

Men's Signet Rings - Men's Eye-catching Accessories
 Many years ago, a Signet  ring would not only be a beautiful accessory for the hand of an important person of the time, but also an indispensable tool for handling public and private affairs. It had an important role to play in culture and history. Nowadays However, a Signet  ring has lost its original function Where it was to stamp documents but instead has gained the role of the most popular jewelry for men !!!

 The story of the men's Signet  ring begins in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and ancient Greece, where it symbolizes a symbol of power and high social status. The rings were used as goat shells to authenticate messages and documents at that time were worn either around the neck as pendants or as rings.
 Along with the function of message sealing, the rings acquired a special occultism in ancient Egypt. They believed that they protected the one who was wearing them by evil spirits also in ancient times any man wearing a seal ring let everyone know about his peculiar condition, Apparently he was not an ordinary man !!!

 In the Middle Ages Signet  ring served as a personal signature bearing the nobleman's coat of arms. The coat of arms was engraved like a mirror image so that when stamped the footprint was properly depicted. The Seal of Joy when directly on the metal surface of the ring or on a semiprecious stone such as Amethyst. So the kings, princes and princes of the time, if they needed to seal a letter or certify an important document, held the seal ring over the flame of a red candle (seal) and sealed it on the candle. Only wealthy people and important civil servants such as government leaders, religious leaders, notable aristocrats, and famous doctors and lawyers could afford to sign in this way. The rich could have quite a few exclusive seal rings While the less wealthy families only held one ring and passed it on from generation to generation.

 The most famous men's Signet  ring

 Probably the most famous men's Signet  ring in history is the fisherman's Signet  ring. It is one of the main features of the Pope. This Signet  ring weighs about 35 grams and is made of white gold. The ring is decorated with one stone depicting the Apostle Peter fishing with a net. Until the middle of the 19th century, the popes had their own stamp on the letters with this ring. When a priest died and a new one was replaced, the ring he owned was destroyed. So the young pope made a ring with the fisherman with his initials

 In our time A men's Signet  ring has lost the function of personal signature although it can still be used today for this reason. However it has become one of the most beautiful men's accessories and they can emphasize the style and style of a man just like a sports car !!!

 A men's Signet  ring is not exactly a daily ring. It is usually larger than the rest of the rings and features a round square or rectangular plate bearing the original coat of arms of the original owner or a modern design. Although not usually adorned with stones, there are always exceptions to this rule

 Silver Men's Signet  ring - the best choice for man

 Silver is a noble and precious metal that is considered truly masculine !! Its color and gloss emphasize a man's style and emphasize his masculinity. A high quality stamped men's ring gives its owner a special charm, demonstrates his confidence and attention to every detail. The stamped men's rings are a luxury for a man who, depending on his financial situation, can opt for gold even if his finances allow.

 In® you will find plenty of designs in sterling silver 925 that you can be sure of fulfilling in the best possible way your need for stamped men's rings but even if you do not find what you have in mind we can make it give us a drawing or a picture and explain to us what you want ... And we will make you a 100% ring that will mean something special to you when you wear it

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