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What Is The Ideal Necklace Length For Each Set - A Mini Jewelery Classification Guide

What Is The Ideal Necklace Length For Each Set - A Mini Jewelery Classification Guide

We are women and few of us have the ability to be submissive to ornaments.

Their brilliance exudes a distinct cordiality and dynamic that only the female nature can so uniquely support. Nothing compares to their femininity.

Whether you are a guy who likes playful and colorful faux, whether as a true bohemian spokesman you prefer silver 925, or you belong in a classy position and have good gold and platinum, you want to wear them perfectly.
We've talked about jewelery layering again, which is real art.

And this season we are layering with necklace-necklaces and dissimilar necklaces. Lean chains and elegant necklaces are the trend everyone is wearing.

But what is the appropriate length of pendant necklace and what is right with each set?

Choosing the right pendant necklace length can end the outfit, while too long or too short can ruin the image.

In order to never make a mistake again and to always be aesthetically pleasing to the last detail, we have created a small guide with each necklace length and how to wear them.

From the most applicable to the longest these are all secrets.

The collar

This length is an example if you like to make a statement. It fits right on the neck and is best worn with t-shirts or shirts.


This length is a bit lighter as it sits at the base of the neck and can be worn with any neckline on the clothes. Jeanette Madsen chose a special pendant with decorations, which combined with a low V in her blouse.


If you are looking for something classic, choose the 'Princess' length, that is where it stands beautifully on the collar and can be worn with most necklaces.


Also a length where she can be worn with different lines on the top and dress neckline, the 20 "stops between the collarbone and the trunk. Lucy Williams paired the top from Ganni, wearing two different gold necklace necklaces at the same time.


If you are looking for something to tie and finish an outfit, wear a 24 "necklace that hangs on the chest or below.


This is a great chain length for layering. It falls loosely under the chest and is best suited for a formal evening presentation. Try a long, lean chain over the suit or cross jacket and you will be taught gardening lessons.

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