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Men's jewelry ideas to inspire your style

Men's jewelry ideas to inspire your style

Develop your wardrobe

We will show you some pictures of different types of men's jewelry that you do not see so often. Are you a man who wants to expand his wardrobe and add basic accessories that with this last touch will take off his style? Are you shopping for a man who could use some extra accessories? Let the men's jewelry ideas we present to you help you make your next decision.

A pocket watch is an unexpected but intricate addition to your wardrobe.
Watches for everyone

If a pocket watch is not ideal for you, try a regular watch. There is almost no style that you can not find a suitable watch that suits your particular style. Choose a watch with solid steel or silver case with thick bracelet or you can choose a men's watch with rubber or leather strap that is easier to wear in your workplace
Wedding rings, your style

If a married man does not wear other jewelry, he will often wear at least his wedding ring. It can be as traditional or not more modern with or without stones. See the photos of men's jewelry in the catalogs of jewelry stores for an idea of ​​how many items are available. In the workshop VisionGold® you will find a wide variety of men's and women's wedding rings that cover all tastes and styles to satisfy even the most demanding pay attention to the smallest detail

Cufflinks perfect your style !!!

Cufflinks are a nice touch to a shirt for a special occasion or to go to the office. They come in so many colors and styles, you could make a great collection if you decide you really like the jewelry. In our VisionGold® workshop you will find a wide variety of unique cufflinks that, in addition to being a fashion accessory, are also small works of art.

A single earring

Although men usually do not deal with earrings as women do, a diamond could be a striking touch in a man's style. Just dream it

Function and convenience

Tie drawers are functional and easy to use. It is a good alternative to style but also a useful accessory. Choose from many different types.

Do not overlook the necklaces

An often neglected type of jewelry for men is the necklace. Men's necklaces range from thin gold chains to thick ones inspired by the rap style. the man. In our VisionGold® workshop you will find a variety of classic but also very modern crosses that you will love ..... It is a promise

Make sure they fit!

If you are interested in creating a wardrobe with your jewelry make sure they match each other. In our online store You can find a wide variety of quality jewelry that will take your style to the next level. Why do we focus on how to highlight the uniqueness of each person and not to make industrial jewelry. Just try to avoid mixing too many metal colors for example yellow with white and do not be afraid to wear a piece of jewelry ... It will become part of yourself

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