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The journey of a diamond - from the mine to your finger

The journey of a diamond - from the mine to your finger Finding a rough diamond and turning it into a dazzling brilliant diamond is a complicated process. Not only are they the finest rough diamonds from South African mines but they are also polished and cut by some of the world's most talented craftsmen before they reach you. We at VisionGold® have a variety of designs from single stone rings in combination with a beautiful diamond we will choose for you, ensures that you will make the best purchase in terms of price by making your own in a unique ring will accompany you for your whole life reminding you love and affection for your loved one. The journey of a diamond-VisionGold®

Step 1- From the ground: Over the years, diamonds have become one of the most coveted gemstones, making the diamond the Perfect Gift for one of the most memorable moments of your life. But how exactly do these magnificents form? Formed deep in the earth's core, a diamond is formed upwards in molten form to become kimberlite. They are created by the fact that carbon molecules are compressed during a strong temperature of 900 to 1300 degrees Celsius and under pressure 45 to 60 kilobars. This happens about 150 - 200 kilometers below the earth's crust. These creations result in a multitude of incarnations. From crystal white diamonds to rare pink or rich yellow natural fancy colored diamonds. VisionGold® - "Sometimes we find fascinating stones", "You never know what you will find in nature." The journey of a diamond-VisionGold®

Step 2 - Mining: Once the diamonds are formed, the gemstones will make their way to the surface through volcanic eruptions. Diamonds will travel rapidly with magma to the top of the earth's surface via kimberlite volcanic tubes - named after the South African city of Kimberley, where volcanic tubes were first discovered in 1871. When magma cools, turns into kimberlite rocks. Diamonds are then mined by various methods. One of the most common ways to extract diamonds from the earth's surface is through open pit mining - a process in which rocks are destroyed until the kimberlite volcanic tubes are exposed. A more complex form of diamond mining is through underground mining activities. this process usually depends on the size of the kimberlite minerals. Then there is relief mining, which refers to diamond mining further than kimberlite deposits, such as river mining, and finally, mining, where diamonds are mined at sea. To date, South Africa remains one of the largest producers of diamonds worldwide, both in terms of quality and quantity. The journey of a diamond-VisionGold®

Step 3 - Select the diamonds: After the rough diamonds are selected by hand in the diamond mine, they are transported to the laboratory. During this period the diamonds will undergo a mapping process using a diamond machine called Diascribe - this remarkable piece of equipment will determine the so-called DNA of the stone. With a vacuum-like effect, the rough diamond will be held in place, while a lens of a different grade determines the size and shape of a diamond. During the scanning process, the diamond splits into two parts. Part A is the main part of the diamond and part B, the secondary parts of the stone. Using these calculations the craftsmen can determine the best cut of the diamond. The journey of a diamond-VisionGold®

Step 4 - Cut the diamond: After the sorting process, the diamonds are moved to the table to be cut and polished. With detailed instructions from the craftsmen, the diamond is cut and polished into a beautiful gemstone. This process requires years of experience, knowledge and the latest technology to achieve the best result. Learn more about cutting and polishing a diamond from start to finish. The journey of a diamond-VisionGold®

Step 5 - Sort diamonds: Once perfectly cut and polished, the diamond will then be sent to an independent, international diamond sorting laboratory such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or the EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) for grading. It is during this stage that the diamond receives the official 4Cs diamond of quality - cut, color, purity and carat weight, which ultimately determines its value. The journey of a diamond-VisionGold®

Step 6 - Create jewelry After the diamond is polished and sorted, it is given to a jeweler to be placed in magical creations and become a piece of jewelry. During this process, craftsmen will determine the different arrangements for the various jewelry and gemstones. Most craftsmen use platinum and gold to match the unique diamond in a beautiful monolith. Here's where you will find the perfect single stone ring with the perfect diamond for you at VisionGold®. Once this stage is complete, the jewelry will then be subjected to a series of quality checkpoints before it is available for purchase. The journey of a diamond-VisionGold®

Step 7 - The diamond finds the personality that suits it Was this creation written from the core of the earth, this piece of carbon to be the element that symbolizes the power and beauty of a couple's unique devotion? Perhaps this jewel has always been meant to be yours, since it was first created under the earth's crust billions of years ago. Diamonds will forever symbolize the love and commitment between two people and will honor the special moments of our lives. Visit us at VisionGold® to get a unique single stone ring with Greek construction quality and the best value for money. Because we are a workshop we can make any design from a photo and adapt it to this diamond that will symbolize the eternal commitment of each other.

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