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The Role Of The Eternity Rings Is Evolving According To New Studies

The role of the eternity rings is evolving according to new studies

 Rings are no longer bought only as a sign of commitment but also for special occasions and anniversaries.
 According to a new survey conducted in the United Kingdom in 2,500 people, the role of the eternity rings has evolved.
 Traditionally a row of rings indicates the continued commitment of a husband to a wife after 10 years of marriage or the celebration of the birth of their first child. However, research has revealed that it has evolved into something much newer where it is defined as a promotion in the professional field as a gift to a friend or even as a gift to ourselves !!! The research also revealed a high demand for row rings by men in a percentage that reaches 43% stating that he would like to receive one as a gift and 1/4 is already wearing a row ring !!!

 So it is quite exciting to see how exciting the modern evolution of the  eternity rings in the UK is. We have seen that even though people still give them wedding anniversaries the younger generation buys the eternity rings  for friends or even for themselves. It is also nice to see that people still want to receive these wonderful rings as a symbol of their commitment. In the jewelry stores there is a demographic increase in the variety of people who come to the jewelry stores to buy a eternity rings and we at VisionGold® will be the happiest people offering you wonderful handmade Greek eternity rings with high quality construction so you can offer your love giving a wonderful piece of jewelry.

 But findings in the relevant research include:

 Commitment to the City-VisionGold®

 The most "engaged" areas - where most people already have a ring and are in a stable and committed relationship - appeared as Sheffield (19%), Glasgow (18%) and Plymouth (17%).

On the contrary, it seems that people without a ring are a little out for it. Research has revealed Leeds, Southampton and Brighton as the places where people would really like to buy a ring set.

What is a name? -VisionGold®

For the younger generation (16-24), it is known as a promise or engagement ring, for over 40 it is a row ring and for others it is a celebration ring. Whatever you call it, the eternity rings seems to have a resurgence, with more and more people interested in buying or receiving one - 58% of the UK to be exact.

Not just for VisionGold® anniversaries

Although 34% of the 2,500 respondents would buy a ring for the traditional reason of a wedding anniversary, it seems that these rings are given not only by romantic partners, but also by friends at birthdays (27%) and even for themselves. us as a special pleasure or celebration of an achievement such as a promotion at work (24%).

The price for a eternity rings? VisionGold®

The study also revealed that the cost of a ring varies from region to region, but the average price paid for a piece is € 389. The lowest average cost is in Yorkshire at € 283, while unexpectedly, the average cost in London is € 580

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