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The Secret Guide to Determining Her Number Of Engagement Ring

The Secret Guide to Determining Her Number Of Engagement Ring

Designing a proposal is one of the most exciting things you will ever do in your life. It's not just a special moment for you, but it's a special moment for your other half, who's been dreaming about it since she was a little girl. With that in mind, you would want to make the proposal unforgettable. This will include an engagement ring that will fit perfectly on her finger.

According to the survey, 69% of women prefer their engagement ring to be a surprise and 65% of men feel the same. While most single ring designs can grow up or down in number there are some designs which cannot be so easily modified. But how do you know the size of her ring and make them a surprise statement? Ask yourself the following questions

VisionGold®️ Find the size of its ring

Do you want to keep the proposal a surprise?

The first question to ask yourself is if you want to keep the proposal a surprise. If your answer is yes, but the idea of ​​buying a ring without its ring size is incorrect Ibiza gold has all the tools necessary to help you find an existing ring that your loved one has to find the exact finger number of. We also give you the opportunity to buy only the stone and offer it and design it yourself or choose a base from the existing ones in our online store. This way, you will be able to create an engagement ring that is not only unique for you, but it also represents her style and taste.

VisionGold®️ Find the size of its ring

Do you know a friend who can go shopping with her?

 If buying a one-piece ring with your loved one is not an option and you still want to keep the suggestion a surprise you can ask a friend for help and ask if she has in the past made a gift and knows her number in a ring. You can't imagine what a woman can share with her partner. Just ask him for confidentiality so he won't reveal your secret. After all, he won't want to spoil his Dream Tale to his girlfriend.

VisionGold®️ Find the size of its ring

 Borrow for a moment her ring

 Somewhere inside the house I found a ring forgotten? This is your chance, You can bring it to us and measure it accurately but even if this is not possible through our online store there is a special category with many solutions so that you can simply and quickly measure it accurately. This way your proposal will be a surprise to impress.
 Even if all of the above does not work visit us at our VisionGold® jewelry lab and we will be able to give you a basic description of your favorite pounds and height and recommend a ring as close to its size as possible. roughly and at the same time helping you with a base that is durable and easy to modify later in the number If needed. At the same time, our many years of experience guarantees you top quality manufacturing and proper service to your jewelry whether it is size modification or jewelry maintenance.

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