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Top 4 Reasons to Propose with a Ruby Engagement Ring

When you think of rubies, you might envision Queen Elizabeth's tiara or Dorothy's slippers from The Wizard of Oz - but many people are now choosing them as center stones for their unique solitaire ruby ​​engagement rings! Deep red gemstones have been used for centuries to guarantee success in love, health and luck. Queen Elizabeth is often seen wearing her Ruby Tiara, which she had custom-made with the 96 rubies that were a wedding gift from the people of Burma. In Burmese culture, rubies are believed to ward off illness and donating them is a symbolic gesture to protect the wearer from the 96 diseases believed to afflict people. The rubies in Queen Elizabeth's tiara seem to be working quite well because the Queen celebrated her 95th birthday last April in good health!


In gemology, only four gemstones qualify for the elite category of 'Precious Gemstones' - diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and natural rubies. Differentiating ruby ​​from spinel (a similar looking gemstone) is what actually gave birth to the science of gemology! The famous Imperial State Crown of the United Kingdom was thought to have the ruby ​​as its showpiece center stone for many years, but it's actually a spinel! There are more examples like this and we now know that some of the most famous "rubies" in the world are actually spinel. Throughout history, many cultures have regarded the ruby ​​as the stone of kings, and in the ancient language of Sanskrit, the ruby ​​is called ratnaraj, or "king of gems." Like diamonds, rubies have accumulated a variety of meanings over the centuries. In India, people believed that rubies allowed you to live peacefully with enemies, and in Myanmar (once called Burma), warriors possessed rubies to become invincible in battle. Warriors even went so far as to insert the rubies into their flesh and make them part of their bodies for extra strength.


The ruby ​​maintained its importance over time and became one of the most sought-after gems among the European upper class. Now we're seeing it trending for engagement rings - like the gorgeous three-stone ring worn by Jessica Simpson. Born in July, Jessica chose her birthstone for her engagement ring, but we've got a few more reasons to stare at this dazzling stone and add it to your wishlist. Below, we go over some of our many reasons, then jump into our favorite products that you should consider buying for yourself or a loved one!
1. Rubies are hard and durable like diamond!


Rubies have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, making them a hard, long-lasting gemstone. They are just behind the diamond, which is rated a perfect 10. Thanks to its hardness, you can wear a ruby ​​ring or a pair of ruby ​​earrings knowing that they are durable and will last. Rubies are a variety of corundum, an aluminum oxide crystal, and the ruby ​​color is due to the presence of chromium. High quality rubies are a transparent, vibrant, purple-red. The high quality rubies that are mined are usually from Myanmar and can actually be as valuable as diamonds, or even more, which is why lab grown is not only an ethical choice, but also more affordable.

2. Rubies symbolize health, wealth and love.


Europeans throughout history have worn rubies to guarantee health, wealth, wisdom and success in love. Since they were often worn by royalty, it's no wonder rubies are associated with power and wealth. Rubies were also prized by the Chinese nobility and they were said to bury rubies under the foundations of buildings to bring good luck. We could all use a little luck at the start of our marriages, which is exactly why we think you should propose using a ruby!

3. Rubies are the birthstone of July


Ruby is July's birthstone, meaning July babies have one of the most precious stones in the world as their signature. If you are a Leo or Cancer, you may also consider wearing this gem. Both July signs are known for their love and passion - symbolic of the ruby.

4. Rubies are the most gemstone of passion


Because of their deep red color, rubies are often associated with romance and passion, making them the perfect gift for Valentine's Day or an anniversary. Ruby is traditionally the gemstone given on 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. We say break traditions and kneel with a ruby in hand. Let this durable gemstone bring success in love and health to your future fiancee.

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