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Are ruby rings expensive? (Expert Quick Answer in 2023)

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Diamonds are timeless, and may seem like the best choice for most people, but there are many other beautiful gemstones that make amazing rings.

Rubies are among these beautiful choices, and anyone who comes across a ruby ​​ring will tell you that they fell in love with it at first sight. But are ruby ​​rings expensive or affordable?

Before we answer the question about the cost of rubies, you should know that rubies are the most traditional jewelry stones, the reason that this stone has been around for a long time has to do with its exceptional level of durability.

Ruby is extremely brilliant, always coming out red and often reaching the most vivid levels of color saturation.

This red gemstone belongs to the corundum gemstone family and although most rubies have this characteristic bright red color, there are other color variations in between. for example, there are orange-reds, brown-reds, purple-reds, and even rose-reds.

Ruby rings are expensive

And as a result of its brilliance, people looking for colored gemstone jewelry often choose the ruby.

The other thing worth noting about ruby ​​is that this gemstone is pretty much the crystalline version of aluminum oxide, with the red color from trace amounts of chromium replacing the aluminum, as well as changing the color of the mineral to red.

When the corundum is red, the gemstone is called a ruby. but when it is any other color, say yellow, blue, or pink, it is a sapphire.

Of the big three - emeralds, rubies and sapphires, the ruby ​​is the rarest.


You will find out in this post

    How much would a ruby ​​ring cost?
    Is ruby ​​more expensive than a diamond?
    Why are rubies so expensive?
    Pros and cons of a ruby ​​ring
    Should you buy a ruby ​​ring?

How much would a ruby ​​ring cost?

The best quality rubies are among the most expensive gemstones among jewelry/precious stones, with some rubies known to be priced at €1,000,000 per carat.

But not all rubies are so expensive because rubies are also gemstones that often undergo the most processing compared to most other gemstones.

Ruby rings are expensive
Is ruby ​​more expensive than a diamond?

Although some ruby ​​varieties are very valuable, most rubies in jewelry stores are significantly less expensive than diamonds of the same size.

The reason for the lower price of this rare gemstone is why rubies are now the most attractive alternative to diamonds. In most cases, a diamond of the same size and quality characteristics would cost 5 times more than a ruby.

However, if you are buying very high quality rubies, then you will spend a lot more, and the ruby ​​would be just as expensive, than a diamond, or even cost more than a diamond of the same size.

 Why are rubies so expensive?

As mentioned above, rubies are very expensive and valuable gemstones. In India, for example, the ruby ​​is known as the "Lord of Gems" and this gemstone is considered the most valuable and the rarest gemstone. Ruby gemstones are associated with wealth, royalty and power and are also believed to carry protective powers.

The reason for the high price, however, has to do with the fact that this gemstone is quite rarer than the rest of the colored gemstones. As expected, high quality rubies cost more, especially when they have not been heat treated for color depth.

Ruby rings are expensive


To determine the value of a ruby, there are some important qualities that are taken into consideration. These include the quality of the cut and the clarity of the gemstone. But unlike diamonds, rubies are not evaluated/graded based on their brilliance, which means that for rubies, color, size and clarity determine the cost of the gemstone. Rubies with rich natural color are valued higher than those that have been processed.

The desirability of a ruby ​​increases with the depth and intensity of the color. To determine this, three elements are taken into account - saturation, tone and hue. Thus, the more the ruby ​​color is an intense (aust

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