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10 Romantic ideas for a wedding proposal on Valentine's Day

10 romantic ideas for a wedding proposal on Valentine's Day

 With Valentine's Day approaching You can use this day to make the coveted wedding proposal to your loved one. In fact, February 14th remains one of the most popular days of the year to propose to your loved one. If you are looking for Inspiration we provide you with a list of 10 wedding proposal ideas that work perfectly with Valentine's Day.

Top suggestion ideas for valentines day

    Plan a vacation
    Get it on camera
    Make the staff
    Go somewhere emotional
    Stay inside and cook
    There is no shame in copying
    Join your loved ones
    Use the snow
    Include your pets
    Spend the day in nature

Top Valentine-Vision Wedding Proposal Ideas-VisionGold®
1) Plan a vacation
 An escape for Valentine's Day can offer the perfect setting and the ideal situation for a wedding proposal. Of course, going somewhere you have never been before can be difficult when trying to choose the perfect proposition for your loved one. So it would be a good idea to have planned and researched in advance where and how you want to make the proposal.
 Big city: Be sure to check out the popular romantic restaurants. Since it is Valentine's Day, you will probably want to make a reservation if you plan to suggest at a restaurant or similar venue.
Small town: You may want to look for a beautiful park in this area with a bridge ideal for the big time.
    Beach Vacation: What is the most perfect place to suggest from the beach itself? With a beach proposal, it is important to know the weather. You do not want your perfect proposal to be ruined by a storm or strong winds.

Top Valentine-Vision Wedding Proposal Ideas-VisionGold®
2) Get it on camera

Of course you will remember your proposal forever, but it would also be nice to have your loved one react to the camera. Plan a romantic date for Valentine's Day with your partner and choose the location where you want to suggest. Ask a friend or a professional photographer to wait there with a camera ready to take the suggestion, The perfect way to capture this romantic moment.

Keep in mind that this type of proposal requires a lot of planning. So make sure you have everything perfect before you put your plan into action. You would not want your friend or photographer to get the wrong location and miss the offer!

Top Valentine-Vision Wedding Proposal Ideas-VisionGold®
3) Make the staff

There are many items you can customize these days, such as clothes, pillows, jewelry and more! If you are proposing for Valentine's Day, consider a personalized box of chocolates or a heart-shaped teddy bear with the words "Will you marry me?" appear somewhere in the object. This can be a cute and romantic way to show your partner how special she is to you.

Top Valentine-Vision Wedding Proposal Ideas-VisionGold®
4) Go somewhere emotional

A classic idea that can only be successful. What could be more romantic than proposing to a location that holds a special place for both you and your partner? This could be the place where you had your first date, a park where you shared a wonderful day outdoors or even at home!

Top Valentine-Vision Wedding Proposal Ideas-VisionGold®
5) Stay inside and cook

While the coronavirus pandemic still forces many people to stay indoors, this does not mean that you can not have a romantic Valentine's Day dinner at home. Decorate your home with rose petals, flowers and candles for Valentine's Day, and then enjoy a candlelit dinner. In this dreamy setting, your proposal will look special and romantic.

Top Valentine-Vision Wedding Proposal Ideas-VisionGold®
6) There is no shame in copying

If you and your partner have a favorite wedding proposal from a TV series or movie, use your own elements in this proposal. For example, if you both love the TV series Schitt’s Creek, then you might want to propose while hiking in a beautiful setting together, similar to the proposal of David and Patrick in the series.

Top Valentine-Vision Wedding Proposal Ideas-VisionGold®
7) Get your loved ones involved

If you and your partner are sociable, then you can party for Valentine's Day with your friends and family. In the middle of your party, and with all your loved ones gathered, you can propose to your partner with a wonderful, romantic gesture.

Top Valentine-Vision Wedding Proposal Ideas-VisionGold®
8) Use the snow

 Valentine's Day on February 14 could be a snowy day. If the ground is covered with snow, then it might be the perfect opportunity to write "Will you marry me?" in the yard where your partner can see it. Imagine how happy and surprised your partner will be when he wakes up with a romantic message in the snow.

Top Valentine-Vision Wedding Proposal Ideas-VisionGold®
9) Involve your pets

This may be difficult, but it creates the perfect backdrop for animal lovers. You can train your dog, or even your cat, to deliver a message to your partner that says "Will you marry me?" Some even try to put a engagement ring on a pet's collar !!!

Top Valentine-Vision Wedding Proposal Ideas-VisionGold®
10. Spend your day in nature

This is a good idea for couples who love exercise and nature. Go for a hike to one of your favorite places and stop somewhere with the best view. As your partner admires the view, you can kneel and kick it when it comes back. This type of proposal can be made in any natural environment, including a park, beach or even your own backyard.

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While these are all good ideas for Valentine's Day suggestions, you should always follow the suggestion that suits you. It is also important to make sure you have the perfect  engagement ring. Buy from a wide range of diamond rings at great prices at VisionGold®

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