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The Ultimate Diamond Investment Guide

The Ultimate Diamond Investment Guide - VisionGold®

Due to the constant fluctuation of the economy, many people decide to keep their savings and look for a more significant investment. It is during these difficult times that investors come to appreciate the value of natural goods such as the value of investing in diamonds. So we at VisionGold® will try to give you some tips for those who want to invest in diamonds.

The Ultimate Diamond Investment Guide - VisionGold®

Before investing in a diamond, it is important to make sure that the gemstone meets the minimum requirements. "Using 4C as a guideline is considered very basic. It takes a lot more for a diamond to be classified as an investment diamond. For example, it is a combination of characters such as cut, purity, fluorescence, diamond weight, way orientation of the diamond in the process, its individual structure.

The Ultimate Diamond Investment Guide - VisionGold®

Talk to a specialist before investing in a diamond Be sure to consult an expert for advice before purchasing an investment diamond. "An expert will give you more information about the best investment strategy. For example, it 's like going to a financial developer. Ten different people will have ten different needs. Therefore, it is very important to talk to a consultant." But where to find a diamond investor? If you want to invest in a diamond, you can contact VisionGold® directly, instead of visiting the retail store. "We will also be able to help the investor at a later stage to resell the investment diamond if he plans to sell it. ”It is important to know that retailers will not be able to help with investment diamonds. These diamonds are in their own category and are not easily retailed. will require a specialist.

The Ultimate Diamond Investment Guide - VisionGold®

Buy directly from an international merchant When investing in a diamond make sure it is reasonably close to the wholesale price. This way, you will be able to resell the diamond at a later stage and make a profit. In addition, it is highly recommended to avoid buying diamonds from a retailer. "If you buy a diamond plating from a diamond expert, it usually means buying a diamond closer to the wholesale price. For example, a diamond will be mined, sorted, cut and polished and sold to a manufacturer. From there, it will usually be go to two or three other diamond dealers before going to a jewelry store. ”Therefore, it is best to buy a diamond higher in the supply chain and eliminate additional added profits or costs.

The Ultimate Diamond Investment Guide - VisionGold®

Confirm the quality of your investment diamond Investment diamonds must be classified by an independent third party, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), before purchasing the gemstone. But, keep in mind, even if the diamond has a GIA certification it does not mean that it is the quality of an investment diamond. It is still very important to talk to a diamond expert, who will be able to tell you if the diamond has the minimum requirements and if it meets the Rapaport Specification 2+ quality standard. "Diamond investing is a very specialized field with very few people understanding it. It is definitely not something you will buy from a retailer or approach a retailer, but an expert."

The Ultimate Diamond Investment Guide - VisionGold®

The advantages of investing in a diamond There are many benefits to investing in a diamond. "The diamond is portable, there is no participation fee, the value of the diamond will never fall, it is not affected by the fluctuations of the Rand and the dollar, you can appreciate it over time and it is not detectable." Investing in a diamond is known to be a reliable alternative, especially during the high and low levels of the current economy.

The Ultimate Diamond Investment Guide - VisionGold®

Examine the type of investment It is important to ask yourself if this is a long-term or short-term investment. "An investment diamond is an economy strategy. It makes a huge difference whether you keep it for 2-3 years or for 20+ years. In some cases, people want to buy an investment diamond and never sell it. Overall, there are many different strategies. » It is also up to you to decide in which market you want to buy and sell an investment diamond. "If you buy a diamond and live in the United States, it will be a different kind of diamond that you will buy if you live in Russia or Europe. Even if you live in the United States, there are different types of markets. It all depends on personal strategy." Investing in a diamond remains a really worthwhile field and therefore an economical alternative worth exploring. Before deciding to invest in a diamond, make sure you contact a diamond expert directly.

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