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What happens when you are in love | VisionGold

Magical things happen when you fall in love with | VisionGold®

 Do you remember the feeling when you were in love? the first few weeks, you struggle to eat, sleep and generally concentrate. But at the same time you are happy excited you know that something is happening to you. The feeling of love is simply incredible and unique. One day you wake up with butterflies in your stomach and the next you have sweaty palms. But what exactly happens to your body When you are in love.

 What happens when you are in love | VisionGold®

 Love may have haunted you but in a good way. It's a magical moment when you spend your days thinking about the good times you have. The feeling of love can sometimes make you lose your appetite as well as your sleep but you will not change your feeling for the world !!! Could we just live with love only? According to assistant professor at Syracuse University Stephanie Ortige and her team of researchers, the feeling of love can be compared to a longing. When you fall in love, it causes dopamine in your brain and releases chemicals that cause euphoria. These chemicals include adrenaline, dopamine, oxytocin and vasopressin. All the 'ingredients' you need to feel wonderful and magical when you fall in love.

What happens when you are in love | VisionGold®

Love makes you conquer the impossible

 With the love of your life next to you you feel that everything is possible. There is nothing you can do to impress the person you admire and fall in love with. But because we suddenly feel we can do anything we put our minds to the person we are in love with. Being in love means that with local and frontal areas in the brain they become less active. That means we are less able to recognize fear or analyze things in our minds. At one time all fears could disappear and nothing in this world not seem impossible. You may be scared of heights but when you are with her you feel like you can climb and climb the highest mountain. There is simply no limit to where your love can take you.

What happens when you are in love | VisionGold®

You have butterflies

Ever wondered why you feel nervous and a little sick to your stomach when in love? Love gives you the feeling that you have "butterflies in your stomach". You feel excited, scared, emotional and just happy. All of this is due to the "love hormone", also known as oxytocin. When your body releases this hormone, it makes you feel extremely happy, but it can also make you lose your appetite. Your body will then release cortisol - a stress and confusion hormone. Nevertheless, the feeling of love is worth it.

What happens when you are in love | VisionGold®

Love makes you want to shout it out loud

 If you love and are in love you want the whole world to know. There is nothing to prevent you from shouting. But what causes this indescribable feeling that makes you feel so unique !!! When you fall in love with certain areas of the brain, you become more active one reason why we become sad and sometimes a little silly. Today a popular way to show the world that we are in love is to post romantic messages and photos on Facebook in general on social media. A good way to let your loved ones and friends know you're in your bubble.

What happens when you are in love | VisionGold®

Your pupils dilate

 Want to know if the other person feels the same way as you do? you only have to look at their eyes. If the daughters are dilated they are all perfect if you have no problem. The scientific explanation is that love causes our nervous system to become aroused

What happens when you are in love | VisionGold®

 Love causes sweaty palms and jerk palms

 There's nothing more nerve-wracking than knowing that your hands sweat when you're in love. But what exactly causes this reaction in your body when you fall in love? When you are in love with the feeling that you are close to the other person it causes your body to increase blood flow to the brain and specifically to the pleasure center. Your body then automatically releases two powerful hormones - adrenaline and norepinephrine (the hormone of stress ). The combination of these two hormones makes your palms sweat and your heart beating faster. Also, your brain is focused on a subject so you can't stop thinking about the person you admire and fall in love with.

What happens when you are in love | VisionGold®

 Love and love make you want to make romantic gestures

 Research has shown that when we are in love we spend 85% of our daily thought on the person we love - a reason we would not hesitate to fill it with gifts. Love makes you feel a direct connection to your other half and you will want to protect and care for it. And there's no better way to do it than with romantic gestures

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