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Etiquette on diamond engagement-wedding rings

Etiquette on diamond engagement-wedding rings

Etiquette on diamonds engagement-wedding rings

diamonds Engagement rings

Giving and receiving a diamond engagement ring is a timeless process that begins an exciting moment in your life. Engagement is also a potentially sensitive moment, given the number of expectations and rituals that surround this important milestone. Learn the various aspects of etiquette around the subject of diamonds engagement rings to help you make the right decision for your particular occasion.
Selection of diamonds engagement ring

With so many options for diamonds engagement rings, it is important to consider a variety of factors related to etiquette when deciding what type of diamonds ring - if any - is appropriate for your relationship and how to make this important purchase.

A diamonds engagement ring is not required for a marriage proposal. Some couples get engaged and then shop for the ring together, so that the woman can choose the diamonds ring herself. Other couples are drawn to a spontaneous proposal long before they buy a ring. Waiting for a diamonds ring is a good idea if a couple wants to raise money for a diamonds ring but does not want to wait to get engaged. Of course, there is also the option not to buy an engagement ring. While diamonds rings are traditional, they are definitely not absolutely necessary.
Paying for the ring

Traditional engagement etiquette dictates that the groom buys the engagement ring. However, some couples decide to share the cost. Men should consider the personality of their fiancée before proposing to her to contribute to the payment of the ring, as even some very modern women expect the man to buy the ring. If the woman is generally romantic, she is very likely to expect her fiancé to make this delivery. When couples decide to share the cost of the ring, planning and budgeting can be a good opportunity to get a picture of each other's financial views long before the wedding, which can help form the basis for a healthy economic future.
Choice of stone

While traditional diamonds engagement rings are paired with diamonds, newer rings can be paired with any gemstone or gemstone combination. The traditional look can still be maintained if you have a centerpiece framed with precious stones or consider a more modern or bold look of a colored gemstone surrounded by diamonds. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with a ring that suits you.
Reuse a ring

While ideally every engagement would lead to marriages and every marriage would last "until death do us part", this is necessarily so. "Broken" engagements and rising divorce rates can mean that one of the parties may already have an engagement ring in their hands. Deciding to reuse a ring is a very personal decision: he may just like the style of the ring and not see the need for another. On the other hand, one or both partners may want to have a fresh start with a new ring that is not related to previous relationships. This should be a reciprocal decision, and monoliths that have been used in the past can always be recycled or slightly reset in order to be renewed without extensive changes.
Family Heirlooms

The vintage heirloom engagement rings do not only symbolize the love of the donor. they are also full of tradition and family memories. However, make some other family members agree with the decision, so there will be no family dispute over who owns the jewelry. Also make sure that the ring is returned to the family in case the relationship does not work.
Men's engagement rings

While most men only wear a wedding ring, some want to wear an engagement ring as a symbol of their impending wedding. Men's engagement rings differ significantly from women's, but there are many options for style preferences. If the man chooses to wear this type of jewelry, be aware that conservative family members may assume that it means the marriage has already taken place. The couple should be ready to explain their preferences.
Wearing the ring

While the final decision on where to put the engagement ring is ultimately yours, it is good to know the traditional placement of the ring before, during and after the wedding.
Finger placement  

Modern tradition dictates that the engagement ring be worn on the finger of the left hand. With jewelers who support right-hand rings without relationship ties, this is the best way to declare your engagement as well as follow the proper etiquette.
After the marriage

The wedding vera is traditionally worn closer to the heart, with the engagement ring on top.
During the Ceremony

At the wedding, the groom will slide the wedding ring on the bride's finger, so there may be a dilemma about what to do with the engagement ring during the ceremony. There are no specific rules to follow. Some women simply leave the engagement rings on their fingers and change the placement later. Others wear engagement rings on their right hand until after the ceremony. Some couples have the bridal set together before the wedding. In this case the groom can place both rings on his finger during the ceremony, in the correct order.
Dealing with possible problems

While everyone hopes for a smooth engagement that starts with one ring and ends with another, it does not always work out that way. Learn to handle the most common problems as they arise so that you can handle them properly.
Broken engagements

Tradition dictates that the ring should be returned because it was a gift. Some agree that if the man terminated the engagement, the woman has the right to keep the ring. Others see engagement rings as unconditional gifts that the bride can keep regardless of the circumstances. If the ring is a heirloom, there may be a question about the ethics of returning the ring regardless of what the law allows. Generally, it is good for the woman to propose to return the ring after a broken engagement, while the man is free to refuse it. For very expensive rings or heirlooms, married couples may want to enter into a prenuptial agreement before the wedding.
You do not like your ring

This could be a difficult dilemma if you had no idea about the style of your ring, but your fiancé spent a lot of time choosing it or whether it is a family heirloom. To avoid hurt feelings and hidden resentments, be honest and discuss the situation. Make it clear that you are not questioning the feeling behind the gift, but that the style just does not suit you. It may be possible to reshape the ring using the stone but changing the base of the monolith, or you may want to return the ring and choose a more suitable one together.
diamonds Engagement ring Symbolism

An engagement ring is more than just a glittering piece of jewelry. It is a symbol of a couple's relationship and should be treated with all due respect due to that relationship. Understanding the proper etiquette regarding engagement rings is crucial to honoring both the ring itself and the commitment it represents.

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