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Flashback on Greek jewelery

Flashback on Greek jewelery

Even before the arrival of metallurgy in Greece and the surrounding areas, these territories produced a constant flow of elements of stone clay and bones. At the time of the copper the Greeks began to create increasingly complex designs and eventually produced jewels that reflected the wealth and the power of Eugenia of her rulers. The jewels in Ancient Greece were considered as a counselor of power, social position, battle against evil in the celebration of the gods and used more frequently by the members of the upper class Although they were influenced by the nearby kingdoms of Egypt and Mesopotamia, they managed to maintain the unique style that remained unchanged at 3,000. They followed the development of the great Mycenaean civilization that brought the first great increase in the use of jewels, gold became the primary decorative raw material in jewelery but also the silver lead was copper and various other alloys. Carefully made rings necklaces and pendants were just some of the well-known jewelery types from that The decline of the Mycenaean civilization brought 300 years of decline Where culture and technology and the whole of Greek society almost collapsed. This period ended with the coming of the Golden Age of Greece (Pericles' golden age) where the culture flourished and allowed the advancement of technology and the manufacture of jewels at a higher level. The use of molds and thin sheets of gold allowed the Greeks to manufacture some of the most beautiful jewels that are still preserved and considered masterpieces. Popular gemstones were the amethyst of the pearls of Chalcedony, the cornelia of garnet and emeralds. The Greek period and the arrival of Alexander the Great brought an influx of gold and gems from the eastern provinces of Greece, but also the fall of Greece under the control of Roman empire in the second century BC brought many drastic changes to the style of jewelry making. The influences of Christianity and the creation of the Byzantine empire allowed the revival of its style and not to spread high quality jewelry  .Unfortunately even this style came to an end after the conquest of Greece by Turkey, the Ottoman Empire destroyed many ancient artifacts which were looted and destroyed amended in accordance with the Eastern style
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