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What is the average diamond size for a single stone engagement ring

What is the average diamond size for a single stone engagement ring

What is the average diamond size for a single stone engagement ring

If you are thinking of proposing (or proposing), you may be wondering what the average diamond size for a single stone engagement ring is. And if you are not a Kardashian or a jeweler, you may not know the intricacies of diamonds.

This article covers:

    The average diamond size for an engagement ring in Greece
    The average size of a diamond for an engagement ring in the world
    Explanations for the size of the diamond
    Diamond Binding in a single stone ring
    Celebrity diamond size


The average diamond size for an engagement ring

What is the average diamond size for an engagement ring in Greece?

The average size of a diamond for a single stone engagement ring in Greece is 0.30 carats and this brings an average cost of the ring around 1,500 euros. In earlier years before the crisis, the average size of a diamond was much larger !!! Let's take a look at what is happening in various states of America regarding the size of diamonds. As you can see, the average size of a diamond in a single stone is directly related to per capita income.

Here is a look at the size of the engagement ring from different US states:

    Maryland: 1.75 ct
    Michigan: 1.69 ct
    Illinois: 1.59 ct
    Alaska: 1.49 ct
    New York: 1.47 ct
    Texas: 1.47 ct
    Florida: 1.47 ct
    Virginia: 1.44 ct
    Arkansas: 1.41 ct
    Calilfornia: 1.40 ct


Diamond cost tip:

 Most people need a 20% increase in size from one diamond to the largest to spot a size difference. And in general, the prices of diamonds increase every 0.5 carats. In retail, the transition from 1 carat to 0.9 can save you around € 1,000.

What is the average diamond size for an engagement ring in the world?

    United States: 1 carat (approximately € 6,000 in retail)
    Hong Kong: 0.7 carats (approximately € 4,000)
    Australia: 0.7 carats
    United Kingdom: 0.6 carats (approximately € 2,600)
    Europe: 0.5 carats (approximately € 2,000)
    China: 0.5 carats. However, engagement rings are a relatively new phenomenon in China, so the size preference there could change with time and popularity.
    Singapore: 0.5 carats
    Malaysia 0.4 carats (approximately € 1,900)
    Japan: 0.3 carat, which is generally attributed to a smaller finger size

Explanations for the size of the diamond

The "size" of a diamond refers to the size of the carat of the diamond. However, there are other important factors that affect how big a center diamond is:

Shape: This refers to how a diamond looks geometric: round, oval, Pear and Emerald cut diamond etc. Some diamond shapes allow a lighter weight diamond to look bigger.

Depth: This refers to the measurement from the bottom edge of a diamond ("Cone") to the top surface ("table").

Other factors: The direction of a binding can lead to a difference in appearance. A diamond with a north-south orientation may look much smaller than one that goes east-west.

Diamond bindings

The way a diamond "sits" or is placed in a ring can also affect the appearance of its size:

    Prong bindings are exactly as they sound. The protrusions hold the diamond.
    Bezel ties remain very popular in diamonds due to their presentation and the way they secure the jewelry in place. They do this from a metal strip that completely or partially encloses the diamond.
   Wreath bindings encircle a central diamond with smaller diamonds. A halo binding makes a diamond look much larger, which represents the popularity of this binding.

Single stone Celebrity engagement ring diamonds

Celebrities are like us - except maybe with more ring bling:

    Beyonce: 24ct Diamond Ring (about $ 5 million)
    Jennifer Lopez: 15-18ct Diamond Ring ($ 1 Million)
    Kate Middleton: 12 carat ring

Where to Buy Affordable Diamond Engagement Rings

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