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Which celebrityhave the most expensive engagement ring?

Which celebrityhave the most expensive engagement ring?

The list of the top ten single-stone celebrity engagement rings with value, also considering the size and style of the diamonds.

The VisionJold® jewelry workshop also has tips on how these styles can be copied without having a multi-million euro budget !!!

Below, the list includes celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Melania Trump, Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez, their jewelry is priced at 2-3 million €

At number six is ​​Kim Kardashian, who is about to divorce her husband Kanye West. The Emerald cut ring weighing 20 carats costs € 3.1 million !!!

Hollywood greats Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor come in at number five and two respectively.

For his proposal to Taylor, Richard Burton spent € 6.9 million on a 33-carat Asscher cutting ring.

Jennifer Lopez (again) and Beonce take fourth place and third place respectively.

Finally, the 35-carat Mariah Carey emerald ring by David Packer is at the top of the list, at a cost of € 7.8 million. However, the couple broke off their engagement after just seven months, showing that money can not really buy happiness or love.

 "The rich and famous hold some of the most incredible engagement rings ever made. Hollywood stars tend to prefer luxurious oval, pear, Asscher cuts and emeralds, and prefer the larger carat diamonds available.

"While these rings fit the most extreme budgets, we suggest you choose something personal like a single stone engagement ring.

"Single stone rings are ideal to give the woman of life something unique and offer you the perfect opportunity to get the most luxurious gift for your budget from the VisionGold® jewelry workshop with perfect build quality."

By comparison, blue bloods seem to spend significantly less on engagement rings. The famous ring that Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana cost only € 28,000 at that time, in 1981. Now Kate Middleton's engagement ring, the ring costs € 390,000.

Diana's ring has been the subject of much interest recently, following the release of the Netflix The Crown series. The continuation in our next article

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