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Let your men's rings speak for themselves

Let your men's rings speak for themselves

Let your men's rings talk about you | VisionGold®

Christian ring
People judge a book by its cover.

Imagine you are a book, what does your cover do? Your face, haircut or clothes? All of them. But there is something just as important, if not more so, about the rings you wear. They send strong messages that say a lot about you, your marital status, your relationship, your wealth and power, your personality, your fashion attitude ... The rings almost play the role of the title on the cover of your own you. Now you see why rings are not something you can just wear carelessly. If you decide to wear rings, make sure you wear them properly.

Sterling Silver Aztec Ring
Left and right hand

In fact, there is no specification. Both hands are acceptable for ring use. In addition to the rings (4th finger) in which the rings normally indicate the state of your marriage, you can wear them on both hands as you wish. The right hand is generally considered a natural hand while the left is a mental hand that represents your character and beliefs.
Mens Silver Ring
The middleman

Symbolize the state of your marriage. The left finger is thought to have an unbroken artery that leads directly to the heart. This may be why people from most cultures wear engagement rings on the left ring while wedding rings on the right. For those looking to start a relationship or a relationship, they can judge by your fingers if you are available.
Hermes Men's Ring
Pinky Finger (ring for the little finger)

Usually, it is the first choice for a man to wear a statement ring or a ring to show his character, as there are no specific religious or cultural associations. While in many European countries such as Great Britain, men wore a ring on their left little finger to symbolize their family and class.
Saint Michael the Archangel Signet Ring
The middle finger

A ring worn on the middle fingers, regardless of the left or right, does not necessarily mean something specific. Although it is considered by some people as a symbol of the masculine character, it is better to choose a small and simple one, for reasons of comfort.

The index

Basically, there are no religious or cultural indications about the rings they wear on the finger. But its prominent position makes it a good place to highlight important rings such as college rings, fraternity rings, family rings with symbols or coats of arms.
Signet Silver Lion Ring
The thumb

The thumb is often associated with interaction and friendship. In some cultures, thumb rings can be a sign of wealth and power as they tend to be heavy and bulky. But today a thumb ring has become an excellent choice to highlight a man's style and a man's self-confidence.

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