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Take it Personal: Design a perfect engagement ring

Take it Personal: Design a perfect engagement ring

Take it Personal: Design the Solitaire Ring
 For those who are getting married soon - Custom tailor-made design

 Those who follow the trends in marriage can easily discern how important it is to have unique experiences. Couples work together to make their wedding day special and unique. This means that custom-made rings are a must-have.

 Recent studies show that demand for custom-made single-stone is very high. These same studies show us that most couples go shopping for the single ring and this is yet another opportunity to have fun together.

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 There are two ways to do this - one way is to customize the one-way ring from a list of options, for example by holding the base of one ring and adjusting the ratchet that holds the stone from another - the other is one's own your sketch in collaboration with the jewelry workshop you choose to carry out your own design.
 At VisionGold® we are able to manufacture your dream solo in any of the two ways you choose, so that you have a quality solo stone for your life. At the same time you can also choose from our very large collection of one-stone rings and find what you like or modify one of your existing designs. And even from a photo on the web of a one-of-a-kind stone we like we are able to make exactly the same design !!!

 Generally you should keep in mind that a custom ring usually costs more and takes longer to build. Essentials that will help you if you want to design the whole ring is to have a clear idea of ​​what you want, for example the ring will have a classic round stone, square, oval or some other shape. Amounts of "teeth" will hold the stone, with classical four of 6 or more. What will be the size of the stone (you must have set your budget). The ring frame will be thinner and thicker with a "knife" or curved movement. As you understand all this implies knowledge of manufacturing cannot be offered by a simple jewelry seller but Someone who will know and have experience in jewelry making. At VisionGold® because we are a jewelry workshop we have manufactured thousands of custom-made jewelry for individuals or wholesalers and are able to carry your dream ring at the best price. You only have to visit us we will help you with our construction and tips so that in addition to a beautiful stone you also have a stone that is well designed to hold the diamond safely. You don't have to have an artistic slant ..... We can make your dreams come true and help you create a one-piece ring as unique as your love for each other

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