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Tanzanite-December Stone Birthday | VisionGold

Tanzanite-December Stone Birthday | VisionGold

Tanzanite-December Stone Birthday | VisionGold®

 Tanzanite - VisionGold®

 In December we celebrate the wonderful gemstone Tanzanite was named Petra's birthday in December 2002. The fascinating and precious and rare gem can only be found in Africa and specifically in Tanzania at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro - geographically speaking. After its discovery in 1967 the blue variety of Zoisite mineral has become popular due to its amazingly beautiful color. Created 585 million years ago, Tanzanite can be found in different shades of blue - from a light deep blue to violet and shades. And the deeper its color becomes, the rarer and more sought after it is.

Tanzanite - VisionGold®

 The tricolor visual effect causes the Tanzanite to depict three different colors from different angles - blue, purple and red. That is why it is extremely important for the gemstone to be cut accordingly to reflect the correct blue and violet shades.
The gemstone is unique for its multi-dimensional colors. It is also known to be the most beautiful gemstone discovered in the 20th century. Some people believe that Tanzanians have healing powers because of their ability to integrate and activate energies.
Tanzanite is a relatively soft stone. On the Moh hardness scale it measures 6.5-7. Tanzanite earrings and pendants are suitable for everyday use. Tanzanite rings on the other hand are better for special occasions and not for everyday use.

Tanzanite - VisionGold®

The single gem was formed during the process of regional transformation and can be explained as follows: when the tectonic plates collide with each other, the igneous rocks (rocks formed by cooling and solidifying magma / lava) of each tectonic plate are transformed to another with too much pressure.
The rocks reach near the melting point, and when that happens, they produce beautiful crystalline structures. It is during this magical time that gems are essentially formed by the union of two plates.
The process in which you create the Tanzanite is considered to be so unique that geologists believe that the chances of another Tanzanite being created are one in a million.
 There is no doubt that Tanzania has many exciting aspects. Today rings with Tanzanite and other jewelry are very popular. Not only can you buy unique jewelry but you can also take home a piece of African heritage.
 In our online shop VisionGold® You can order any design from your existing ones and make it Meta Granite but even any jewelry you like and seen online we are able to make it with your favorite precious stone. One of the types of Tanzanians comes from the area where the Masai tribe lives in Tanzania.

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