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5 Types of Relationships and What You Can Learn From Them

5 Types of Relationships and What You Can Learn From Them

5 Types of Relationships and What You Can Learn From Them | VisionGold®

 Giving mentors to friends or girlfriends about their relationship may be something natural to you. From a distance it can be easy to discern problems within their relationship. However you only get his or her own side of the problem. This does not mean that you do not have an objective view of their relationship.

 So how can you see how your relationship counts when you have this subjectivity of an erotic life? Let's look at 5 types of relationships and what you can learn from them. Enhance your knowledge and keep consulting with your best friend.

5 Types of Relationships and What You Can Learn From Them | VisionGold®

The independent couple

 This couple may be a little specific. They may or may not have children and still be together in a long-term relationship, but you will rarely see them together. Keeping hobbies independent even in a relationship can be healthy. So you can see the other half eating his dinner with friends While you are in the gym, this is a sign that he respects each other's passion and need for personal space.
 I may also know a couple who go to a concentration party separately and this is a sign that they are safe and secure in their relationship, they don't need to be together 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. What you can't see is the moment they choose to spend time together, they are more likely to be very intimate and interested in each other - after all, they have a lot to do and share with each other. If you feel you need to be with your loved one or loved one constantly You may need to consider introducing some independence into your relationship.

5 Types of Relationships and What You Can Learn From Them | VisionGold®

The power couple

They are the ultimate practical couple. The craving for work, sports and child-rearing is not a problem for these two. They have their program organized and sorted and their household Runs like a well-tuned machine. Also They may still cooperate or not.
 Don't be fooled that this is a relationship based on convenience. This Gemini is fully committed and communicates as professionals. They've done a lot of hard work to achieve that. They have mapped out their goals (personal, professional), clarified their needs and desires and I have come to terms with things to make sure they are both satisfied with the status quo. What can you learn from them? edit what you really want to achieve For the next five years. Convince him / her to do the same. What is the plan? How can you cut the termination thread by supporting each other? then organize and find a way that this will work. Write it down on a paper as a contract for your relationship and start applying it. You have taken the first step to becoming a dynamic couple !!! But don't forget to plan for some time with the other half as well. All the work and no ... game has never made anyone happy.

5 Types of Relationships and What You Can Learn From Them | VisionGold®

The couple - the family comes first

 They have big hearts and the house is always full of friends and relatives. They have no problem planning an impromptu dinner. The attitude of laissez-faire (The phrase laissez-faire is part of a larger French phrase translated "let go") in their lives borders on chaos. Speed ​​may not distinguish them, but what this couple has is their ability to be flexible. They have given priority to children and their friends because this is their kingdom as a couple. They do not sweat for small things and have learned to change their plans in the short term to reap the benefits. This prevents them from swallowing in their own way. They draw strength by enriching their relationship with strong bonds with friends and relatives. Some couples find it difficult to integrate their families and friendships but this couple manages to achieve and be rewarded. You may feel a little embarrassed and compelled at first but try to get your partner or partner into your family and friendly circle. Create opportunities for getting to know your family and friends extensively beyond just a gentle handshake.

5 Types of Relationships and What You Can Learn From Them | VisionGold®

Couples with strong opinions

 They express their love and worship for each other, But this couple usually treats each other as brothers and not as partners. Constant disagreements can be overwhelming for those around them but they are constructive. Not everything is lost in this type of relationship. They have a lot to do for them. Initially the conversations between them show that they feel safe in their relationship. As long as the arguments do not lead to underestimation, accusations of intimidation feel safe enough and to be honest with your partner is a good thing. Another positive aspect is that because they express their feelings freely there are less opportunities for deep dissatisfaction and eventually explode at some point. But there is a middle ground. The arguments must be productively framed. You have a little disagreement and you both have your own opinion and ideally you come to a compromise. This is how adults do it !!! Relationship is healthy If you can laugh after your squabbles.
If you avoid conflict in your own relationship, maybe talking about the little things with your partner could start a new, positive line of communication. According to psychologists maintaining your relationship in communication is very critical. Accepting that dialogue between you will occasionally include disagreements is important. How to do it right? Speak, but also learn the art of listening.

5 Types of Relationships and What You Can Learn From Them | VisionGold®

The seekers of adventure

You know this couple. They are the ones who seem to have avoided the boredom and monotony that inevitably creeps into a relationship. They have never lost their spark and always seem to do something new and interesting. So here's the thing. Externally they may look like they are spontaneously in love with Piraeus but they work very hard to keep it that way. They know that their relationship must be fueled by other people's actions and experiences such as traveling good food and adventure. They have hobbies and interests that fuel them. Engaging in any new activity with your partner floods your brain with the same hormones that were exposed when you first met. You don't have to go bungee jumping every weekend but changing things for a while will keep the excitement between you. Keeping your relationship interesting and building memorable moments together is the key to staying true to your partner

5 Types of Relationships and What You Can Learn From Them | VisionGold®

What's really at work?

 Communication, trust, respect, independence .... These are the words we have come to fully understand that are part of a healthy relationship. But if you look at the five types of relationships above we will understand there is more to the game. Knowing your partner's personality needs and emotional profile enables you to separate the situation from your relationship. For example, if you are in a bad mood because of stress at work, aren't you? How can you support your partner in a time of stress? dramatize the moments. The mutual relationship is the ability to recognize that you both have your own needs that exist outside the relationship. Maybe daily exercise is necessary for you. He or she would rather see something different on television than you. No one needs to win this battle. But if both are willing to share what they need, there is no other way than a mutual compromise. Finally, your ability to control your emotions is a relationship skill that will go a long way. We are not all born with emotional intelligence but that does not mean that you cannot get it. This is built with practice. For example, measure up to 10 before reacting to your partner or partner in a negative situation. If it's a bigger issue Take a deep breath and Sleep and deal with the problem the next day. Everything will look different, it takes effort. When you analyze the five types of relationships we have filtered you can see all the skills you need to be in a long-term relationship. You can transform your existing relationship to the right side by enriching it with healthy behaviors

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