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9 + 1 jewelry suggestions for every fabric you prefer

9 + 1 jewelry suggestions for every fabric you prefer

9 + 1 jewelry suggestions for every fabric you prefer

 A guide to what kind of jewelry to wear depending on the look you prefer

 Having chosen the perfect look, take the time to choose the perfect jewelry to match it right with your clothes. Look at the clothes you are going to wear And think about the jewelry that comes with them. By properly combining your clothes with your jewelry, you will achieve the perfect look for any occasion.

 Jewelry is highlighted with the right clothes


 The lace was an exquisite fabric for summer and spring 2019 !!! And at the same time, it is the perfect complement to an extremely popular trend that remains so popular. If you are looking for a refreshed look, the colored lace is a hot trend, so opt for bright red, yellow, blue or pink instead of the classic black and white lace. Colored lace is an adventurous look for a look so you should carefully choose the appropriate jewelry to avoid unstable look !!! A glamorous cocktail ring the chandelier earrings is the perfect suggestion for a striking note in your style. For example if you are wondering which party to wear with red lace, a classic Tanzanite Ring in pale pink gold will be the perfect combination !!! The bright blue of tanzanite combined with the red lace and the beauty of warm pink gold makes a stunning contrast.
 Here at VisionGold® because we are a jewelry workshop we can make any ring from our collection to
 customize it to suit your own personal taste and style, and at the same time we can make any jewelry from a photo or design of your own so that your style bears your own personal stamp.

 The jewelry shines with the right dress - VisionGold®


Bold zebra and tiger animal prints are very popular in 2020 and have been worn on catwalks in the past. Simple jewelry is appropriate for your animal print looks. Avoid large jewelry that distracts from animal prints and creates a visual chaos. A gold ring in a stylish look is the perfect choice for animal print !!!

The jewelry shines with the right dress - VisionGold®


 Elegant leather looks are popular every season, from leather jackets to skirts and leather gloves. Often in some corner of the fabric we come across leather as it is a very versatile fabric and designers choose it when sewing clothes. A leather mini skirt is a great choice for a night out with your girlfriends !!! When choosing which jewelry to wear a leather skirt There are two opposite but equally elegant options. The first is to wear rock jewelry such as nail rings or head rings or some gothic jewelry that will enhance the leather look. The second option is to wear classic brilliant diamond rings on classic simple lines that really take off the style with the leather - perfect to pair with diamond earrings !!!

The jewelry shines with the right dress - VisionGold®

Kashmir / Woolen

 Winter and Cold Weather bring the wool you need to download from your closet. From women's parka jackets to scarves and gloves are all clothes you will wear in the cold months of winter. A long necklace with a large pattern in the center or a long chain would be both great choices and winter knitwear. Long chains avoid your girlfriend's winter scarves and are a harmonious accessory for your turtleneck sweaters and long sweaters. One or two rings will complete your look - choose colored stones that will add a pop of bright color to a winter wardrobe that is predominantly black and gray. This Panther ring is a great and special choice for you !!!

The jewelry shines with the right dress - VisionGold®

Natural fabrics

 Many people who like simplicity are trying to get back to basic And natural fabrics that are a prominent trend for 2020 onwards !!! These fabrics include raw cotton, denim and natural flax. Natural textile fabrics are used to create rustic and ethnic-style clothes !!! The beauty and the elegance that these garments give must be combined with fashionable and simple jewelry. A well chosen piece should be a pendant is the chain that draws its design from nature- Boho jewelry is ideal for this choice. You Can Carefully Choose More Trendy Jewelry Just design them to be a flower or an animal such as a bee or a butterfly.

The jewelry shines with the right dress - VisionGold®

 Fabrics with decorations

 Spectacularly decorated spectra are used extensively by clothing designers !!! The decorations are either sewn, embroidered or beaded or some other material enhances the interest and charm of the fabric. The decorated dress has its own unique look and you should choose jewelry that skillfully enhances the beautiful detail of the fabric and not a jewelry that will compete with it. A classic Solitaire ring is an ideal choice for this type of fabrics.

The jewelry shines with the right dress - VisionGold®


 Jeans are probably one of the most beloved fabrics in the world. Current denim clothing trends include denim with lots of torn out ruffles but also some colored pieces. Wearing denim clothing is the perfect opportunity to wear jewelry with fancy colored stones. Jeans are a great canvas for a fun jewelry exchange - a ring with colored stones, a bracelet in yellow pink or white with a curious texture - a pair of eccentric long earrings are just a few of the many options you have. At the same time a pair of pendant earrings with yellow diamonds will surely give you a special charm wearing your favorite jeans !!! If you like to wear denim jackets dare a shiny diamond necklace or a diamond necklace ..... It's the perfect choice

The jewelry shines with the right dress - VisionGold®


 Tulle Chiffon Organic Clothes are dreamy essential fabrics used for evening dresses because of their elegant folds and exquisite femininity. These light translucent fabrics are a beautiful backdrop for your jewelry. For an extremely charming look, consider diamond jewelry that can enhance your dress - and choose the color of the metal to match the color of the fabric. For a classic and elegant evening look, a dress with Organza, Tulle or Chiffon is a stunning diamond jewelry canvas !!! Select a single ring and combine it with a ring ring. Long Riviera earrings with diamonds or a classic rosette ring are straight options for the red carpet !!!

The jewelry shines with the right dress - VisionGold®

Tweed fabrics

 The current most trendy fabrics of 2020 are Tweed as people demand comfortable and practical clothing that fits into our busy lives, a comfortable material used by Chanel and now many other important fashion names. Tweed are woolen fabrics where they create channels with simple or herringbone lines. Designers have created smart classic suits and romantic dresses from this classic fabric. You may find it hard to imagine which jewelry fits in with this fabric and we recommend classic rosewood rings with sapphire and diamond. Add extra sparkle to a dress with suits by combining it with glittering jewelry that adds even more sparkle like pendants with diamonds that will lift your style.

The jewelry shines with the right dress - VisionGold®


 Velvet is well known and loved because it is very soft to the touch and luxurious in appearance. The fashion trends of the Ihane have been the focus of the 90's. An elegant velvet dress is a distinctive look with a romantic atmosphere where the darker shades of this fabric are ideal for diamond jewelry. There is nothing more perfect than combining velvet with any diamond jewelery in classic strict lines .... Unique, noble style missing something from today's fast and simple lifestyle that leaves no time for many obligations to give to ourselves what is truly worthy of Him. We here at VisionGold® consider jewelry more than just a daily fashion accessory ..... To us it's a small piece of art just like any human being and has an inner need for grooming - After all, it's not accidental that humans first made jewelry and then discovered the fire

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