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9 + 1 Things to Know About Black Diamonds-And yes they really are !!!

9 + 1 Things to Know About Black Diamonds-And yes they really are !!!

9 + 1 Things to Know About VisionGold® Black Diamonds

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) said yes to her proposal to Sex and the City with a black diamond engagement ring, black diamonds have risen sharply in popularity. Black diamonds are more than a celebrity's favorite .... They have a fascinating past and scientists are unable to confirm where they come from. Is it really from space? Are they cursed? Are they really diamonds?

Read on to find out all you need to know about black diamonds. Here at
VisionGold® we can make any engagement ring from our designs with a black diamond for you but we are still able to make diamond engagement ring of your dream  from a photo or from a rough sketch so the engagement ring have yr personal sign.

1) It's not really a colored diamond

 Yellow pink and even blue diamonds come in a variety of beautiful shades. Diamond colors are formed when exposed to a variety of minerals as they grow. You might be wondering if black diamonds are formed by one with a similar geological fate method as colored diamonds. However, black diamonds are not a colored diamond - their geological composition is closer to a pure colorless diamond. So while white diamonds are transparent, black diamonds differ due to the large amount of crime or toner clusters that make them black.

2) Genuine black diamonds do not shine

 Because of their high crime levels, black diamonds do not shine, reflecting light like other diamonds. Instead, they absorb light, and this gives them an interesting marble feature.
 When you purchase a Solitaire Black Diamond Ring you can come across glittering black diamonds. These are likely to be three white diamonds exposed to heat to give it a black tint. These gems are called "colorless processed black diamonds".

3) Black diamonds were not always considered valuable

 The first black diamonds to be sold are believed to have been found by Brazilian explorers in Brazil. Raw black diamonds look like charcoal, and so when explorers began shipping them to other countries in the 19th and 20th centuries, artisans slaughtered them. to polish them. For this reason they were used mainly for industrial purposes until some Diamond collectors began to see them as the only rare and precious gemstone recognized to date. Only three tonnes have been mined so far

4) No one can agree where they come from

 White diamonds have been mined in every continent, but black diamonds are of limited origin. Until now they have only been mined from Brazil and some African countries. There is another unusual factor in the origin story of Black Diamonds. Black diamonds are not mined from deep below the surface of the earth, where white diamonds are usually found. Black diamonds are extracted from surface layers that scientists have dated to date up to 3.8 billion years ago. These events have led to many theories about where they come from. The most fascinating scenario is that black diamonds were formed in space and reached Earth via an asteroid that struck the surface of our planet millions of years ago. Those who support this theory say that the asteroid existed in space for about one and a half billion years before it was fragmented upon entering the Earth's atmosphere. Others support the extraterrestrial origin of the Black Diamonds but say they were formed by a thermal reaction when meteors hit Earth or were part of a giant star that exploded in our universe.

5) They are said to be cursed

 One of the most famous black diamonds in history has enriched the black diamonds with a mysterious Aura !!! The Orlov black diamond is a wonderful 67 carat black diamond believed to be found in India. Legend has it that the statue of a deity was placed until someone stole the black diamond. In the following years he found himself in the hands of the west, where his owners were plagued by misfortune !!!
The "Brahma's Eye" The "Brahma's Eye" was purchased by a Diamond Dealer in 1932. JW Paris is said to have jumped from one of New York's tallest buildings shortly after the sale of the Black Diamond was completed. Ten years later black Russian politicians Russian Russian princesses Nadia Vaylin-Orloff and Leonila Galichin-Baritsynski died shortly after they had the black diamond. The media on the occasion of these stories cultivated the myth that black diamonds are cursed. However, this myth has begun and is waning. Since then there have been no reports of bad luck associated with having Black Diamonds. In fact, one of the biggest known black diamonds in the world, the 88 karat diamond Korloff Noir, is considered to give good luck and happiness to anyone who touches it. It was showcased in Dubai in 2015, but is rarely seen by the general public. And what about the Orlov diamond? The current owner said he thought the curse was broken, as there was no problem with it for half a century.This particular diamond cannot erase its dark past, however. In 2006 actress Felicity Huffman was asked to wear black diamond jewelry at the Oscars but declined the offer because of her unpleasant story.

6) They are not rated the same way as other diamonds

Because black diamonds are opaque, they cannot be classified on the GIA scale. The GIA does not issue scoring reports for black diamonds. Another thing to note is that black diamonds are denser than white diamonds. So a 1 Ct black diamond will be smaller in size than a 1 Ct white diamond

7) Quality affects the price like all diamonds

4Cs diamond grading applies to black diamonds. Color, purity, cutting and carat weight should be carefully considered if you are buying one. These factors are combined with the International Diamond Certification System (GIA), the standards by which colorless to almost colored gems (D-to-Z diamonds) are rated. Because black diamonds do not fall into this field, their color is based on the GIA classification system for colored diamonds.

8) They are also valuable

 Although rarely large black diamonds, they are discovered. The largest diamond ever found was found in Brazil. Named "Sergio", the diamond weighed 3,167 carats !!! This is 61 carats heavier than the most famous black diamond ever discovered, the Cullinan. The next largest diamonds ever found in Brazil are also black, weighing 2,000 carats, 932 carats and 828 carats. Other famous black diamonds include the Gruosi diamond, the African black star and the Spirit of de Grisogono diamond.

9) They have become popular with men

It may be their unusual origin or just their striking appearance, but black diamond jewelry is becoming more and more popular with men. Justin Bieber is fond of wearing black diamond earrings. The NSYNC singer Lance also fell into the charm of black diamonds, choosing to wear a black diamond engagement ring. The Lance ring was designed with two rows of black diamonds in yellow gold.

10) It's the stone for Scorpio

Did you know that the "stone" for Scorpio's sign is a black diamond? While the yellow diamonds are attributed to the twins, who are considered social and positive and the pink diamonds match the Bulls known for their sensual nature, the black diamonds complement the Scorpio sign.

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