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Black Diamonds: The Curse: True or False?

Black Diamonds: The Curse: True or False?

Black Diamonds: The Curse: True or False?

 They are really black diamonds | VisionGold®

 Diamonds have captivated our attention for centuries. They were discovered before 3000 BC. And these precious stones have been combined with superstitions and myths over time. In antiquity before specialized cutting techniques were applied diamonds to show their unique shine even a raw diamond were considered invaluable !!! It was thought to be a magical bond between man and the forces of nature that dictated his fate.

 Diamonds have a fair share of mythology that deals with these gems. The ancient Egyptians believed that the diamonds represented the sun and were therefore a symbol of the power of courage and truth. Our ancient Greek ancestors believed that diamonds were formed by the tears of the gods, while in the Middle Ages they were considered to cure mental illnesses even to heart disease !!!

  Did white diamonds emerge from history? As a symbol of the love of purity and devotion. But their darkest cousins, black diamonds, have been identified with drama. In fact white and black diamonds have a lot in common - they are chemically identical, for example. But the structure of the black diamond is significantly different. The numerous inclusions compared to a white diamond cause them to absorb more light. This gives them their black color

Black diamonds are cursed VisionGold®

Fairy tales from the east

 It is rumored that ancient Indian culture is the first society to consider black diamonds to be possessed by a curse. They were thought to be the dark black color reminiscent of the snake's lifeless eyes, so the curse was developed into a traditional myth that passed from generation to generation. However black diamonds must have been considered worthy of God because an unusually large rare and gorgeous 195 carat black diamond !!! It was placed by the pilgrims of the Brahma image in the eye of the statue. The sanctuary, near Pondicherry in India, is the source of the myth that black diamonds are cursed.

 Legend has it that a monk stole the precious gem from his sanctuary in 1800. The old man's revulsion is said to have led to the gem being cursed. It is not certain that this adorable big stone was found on the streets and in the hands of a Diamond dealer in the United States, but the next time we hear about black diamond, "Brahma's Eye" is 1932. JW Paris had introduced the stone reportedly jumped from one of the tallest buildings in New York shortly after the black diamond sale was completed !!! Was the black diamond cursed by the stolen God?

 It's been over a decade and the precious gem of association, and then with a pair of Russian princesses, Nadia Veygin-Orrov and Leonila Galichin-Baritsinski. The brothers died one after another within a month so, with three deaths related to the black diamond, people began to believe it was a curse !!!

Black diamonds are cursed VisionGold®

Cutting the curse

 Then there was one that tried to break the curse and then it was the diamond cut into three smaller ones. A smaller one with a weight of 67.5 carats was named Black Orlov followed by the curse superstitions. A particular stone was placed in a 108-diamond pin with a 124-diamond necklace. The current owner told reporters he believed the curse was broken as there was no problem with it for half a century. However, Orlov will forever be cursed by what he looks like. In 2006 actress Felicity Huffman is rumored to be thinking of wearing this particular diamond at the Oscars. He obviously changed his mind at the last minute when he learned about The Unpleasant Past Of Black Diamond !!!
 While the black Orlov, notorious for his dark past, there is an equally famous black diamond that is considered blessed rather than cursed. The largest known black diamond in the world, the Korloff Noir diamond, is believed to give man good luck and happiness when touched. This myth may be derived from Italian culture where couples believe that if they touch a black diamond, they can save a relationship from separation. The legend says that the "problems" they experience are absorbed by the black diamond !!!This particular 88 carat black diamond had 57 ratings seats !!! Before polishing the black diamond it weighed 421 carats !!! The cutting of this gemstone is unique and is known as Korloff cutting. Cutting allows the greatest amount of light to enter the stone. This enhances shine and shine. Korloff Noir was discovered in Siberia in 1917 and was named after the Russian royal family that owned it. Insured for $ 37 million, he was occasionally allowed to leave his Parisian home to exhibit at various international exhibitions.

Black diamonds are cursed VisionGold®

 In the company of giants

The largest diamond ever discovered was also a black diamond or "carbonado". Located in Brazil and known as 'Sergio', the stone weighs 3,167 carats. This is 61 carats heavier than the most important clear diamond ever discovered, the Cullinan, found in South Africa. The next largest diamonds ever found in Brazil are also black diamonds, weighing 2,000 carats, 932 carats and 828 carats. They have long been rid of their combination with various curses. However, there is still controversy over black diamonds. While scientists and geologists cannot agree on the subject, some argue that the origin of black diamonds is different from that of white diamonds. They believe that because these diamonds have different carbon isotopes they are rich in hydrogen they are more similar to diamonds found in space on various other planets than they are in the bottom of the earth !!! Theories of cosmic origin support the belief that black diamonds originated from asteroids that exploded and then landed on the Earth a few billion years ago. Black diamonds are found only in Brazil and parts of Africa. Their limited location is consistent with a theory that meteors that hit the earth are responsible for the formation of black diamonds in limited geographical locations. What is certain is that the talk has revitalized the mystery surrounding black diamonds.
 They are no longer considered cursed and black diamonds still have something that sets them apart from traditional white and fancy colored diamonds !!! So a new generation of fashion and celebrity pioneers have fallen in love with black diamonds - and adore them for their "whims" and rarity.

Black diamonds are cursed VisionGold®

Modern charm

The character Carrie Bradsha from the well-known series of Sex and the City is believed to have brought the diamond ring to the forefront in black !!! In her classic proposal, her boyfriend offers her a one-stone ring with a 5-carat black diamond !!! Carrie's solitaire in Sex and the City was platinum with 80 diamonds. In the episode, Big told Carrie that she had chosen a black diamond for her because "it's not like any other." The classic scene certainly broke the "curse" of Carrie's devastating relationship story.
In real life, Los Angeles Ink star Kat Von D received a black diamond engagement ring from her famous fiance DJ Deadmau5 (also known as Joel Zimmerman). It looks like Kat is enjoying hugging his "dark side". black diamond of his beloved !!!!
 The fashion queen Lady Gaga then walked the red carpet at the 2018 Grammy Awards with a black lace bodice paired with black earrings, a snake ring and a black diamond ring. The world has left the curses associated with black diamonds, However there is a Famous diamond still considered curse- and it is beautiful and blue ......

Black diamonds are cursed VisionGold®

The other "damn" diamond ...

 According to Indian tradition, the diamond of Hope was removed from the eye of the goddess Sita. It was destined to remain a piece of land Until a French gemstone trader Jean Baptiste-Tavernier took the 45.52 carat blue diamond from the Golconda mines in India and sold it to King Louis XIV. The king died shortly afterwards, and his future owners all met with strange or unnatural death. Most famously, the awesome Marie Antoinette was wearing it !!!
 Eventually an American heiress, Evalyn McLean acquired it and fitted it to her dog's collar !!!! The women of the family soon learned of a series of bad events, including the deaths and the death of her second husband, who died in a crazy asylum. The diamond of hope brought nothing but despair to its owners, but now rests on The Smithsonian

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