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What if she does not like the Engagement Ring- Be cool ...

What if she does not like the Engagement Ring- Be cool ...

Turn your worst nightmare into a positive moment in your relationship by working through your fiancee to rethink the engagement ring.

 You've made her the coveted suggestion ... She's got the engagement ring ..... She'll react from time to time ... Wait.
 You're going to face the first big test of your impending married life. Despite Best Attempts To choose a ring that you love will not share your excitement about the ring that you have chosen. She may be silent or grimace .... But probably not. Most likely, she'll pretend to like her so as not to hurt you and hurt your feelings, but she may have trouble concealing her frustration. Internally you may feel defensive, upset and nervous. But you can handle it with style and grace.

 Your engagement or relationship time is an emotional time for both of you and how you will handle the rejection of the engagement ring will prove your ability to handle challenges facing all married couples in the future.


 Express your regret that she did not like the one-sided ring, that you want to work with her to find the perfect engagement ring will symbolize the endless commitment to one another

 Suggest a solution

 Suggest her to accompany you to the jewelry workshop or jewelry store to choose another engagement ring. If he prefers to keep it a surprise he can choose three or four rings and then let you make the final choice. You can also just tell her some rings from a store she liked or online and make a whole ring like she liked. We here at VisioGold® can still make from a design you have seen on the internet or from a photo you can make the perfect engagement ring that your loved one will love with perfect build quality and the best value for money !!!!

 Ask for details

 Is it the first ring that you gave her traditional in style but prefers something more elegant and contemporary? the solitaire ring you gave her was white gold and she prefers it to yellow gold or pink gold? had you chosen a square diamond but wanted a traditional round diamond?

 Is the diamond size a problem?

 Less comfortable to ask is the question of the size of the diamond, as this also includes money. If you were hoping for a 1 ct diamond ring and you made them a 0.40ct engagement ring, check if your favorite diamond holds your pocket .... If so Go on .... If not back completely !!!! Money will be an issue during your married life So don't be afraid to discuss it with her now. How you handle this issue will also be a preview of various situations that you will face in the future. Explain to her how impressive it would be to have a 1 ct diamond ring in her hand and try choosing a diamond by lowering 1-2 of the 4Cs so that the diamond can drop and you can make her wish.

 Create new memories

 Once you've chosen a new engagement ring, the memory of rejecting the first design still hangs like a double-edged sword on both of you. Even if she has completely chosen the new design from the one-piece ring explain to her that you will want to present it in a special way that will be unforgettable. Then on a romantic day out in the countryside or after a romantic meal in a good restaurant, offer it in a nice box with a bouquet of flowers. You will have both unique memories that will last a lifetime.

 Return Policy

 Jewelery and diamond jewelry in general have restrictions on their return that you need to understand. Diamonds are not a common product like some other gifts because they cost too much money should be checked whether what you are returning is really what you buy from a jeweler or a jeweler and therefore a thorough check should be made. precious stone. For this reason it is good to know about the jewelry return policy and to be sure that the ring will be in its original condition. Also When You Have Made a Custom Jewelry Most of the time they cannot be returned or exchanged for this It is a good idea to know in advance about your store or e-shop return policies if you wish to purchase your own ring. Keep all the evidence and all the documents

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