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How romantic !!! Solitaire Engagement ring in pink gold ..

How romantic !!! Solitaire Engagement ring in pink gold ..

How romantic !!! Solitaire Engagement ring in pink gold ..

 Platinum is the most common choice and fashionable engagement rings or wedding rings but it is far from the only choice. Pink gold rings have grown so many women have preferred them in recent years especially to women who want a unique and feminine design. Is pink gold perfect for you? here are some things to know before you make a decision.

 How pink gold gets its color

 The gold used to make jewelry is actually pure gold but an alloy of gold and various other metals. These other metals used affect the color of gold. For example, platinum before its white metal color such as palladium or gold is a combination of pure gold and copper that gives it the signature of pink

 Why pink gold has been popular in recent years

 As pink is often associated with love and romance, so many women believe that the term gold is the perfect choice for their wedding ring or engagement ring. Add in pink gold and a vintage design inspired by an antique ring designs and you'll have a one-stone ring that evokes nostalgia, warmth and romance perfect for those who want a engagement  ring that stands out from the popular "cool" platinum rings. Because pink gold is a versatile precious metal, it works just as well with all skin tones. You're in the Pink Gold Glow tends to highlight the delicate and soft skin roots a woman so is a beautiful color for white skin. The soft pink color contrasts with And Darker Skin so that it can really be worn by all types of women.

 Buying a Pink Solitaire Engagement

 There are many tips to follow when purchasing a pink gold wedding ring or engagement ring. First, it is important to choose a diamond that will match the pink "tie" of the metal. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) recommends matching a pink gold to a diamond with a grade of D to L if you want the diamond to shine and to shine. If you want a softer and slimmer Style it is nice to match the pink gold with a lower color diamond. Many also want to incorporate colored gemstones into a pink solitaire engagement ring to look unique and alternative. If you want to combine pink gold and a colored gemstone it is best to choose warmer colored stones such as Morganite, rubies and pink sapphires. There is nothing more romantic than asking your loved one to marry you, and such a romantic moment becomes even more special when you make this proposal with a pink engagement ring. Let her accept the romantic glow of pink gold to make the proposal for you and make this moment unforgettable for both of you.

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