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9 + 1 Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Engagement Ring

9 + 1 Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Engagement Ring

Not sure How to Buy a Engagement Ring? Start by finding a trusted jeweler

 The jewelry market is not like the other markets - even very large ones like a car or expensive device! Wonderful jewelry - gemstones, diamonds have their own language and code. It includes quality, even the way they are advertised and sold. It is impossible for an uneducated eye to fully understand and recognize the quality of a particular stone.

 Beyond that, Most of us buy jewelry at some point in our lives that is full of emotional charge and importance. This is a crucial step in finding the perfect one-piece ring for our loved one. We need to find a jeweler to trust. Don't leave your life's market for your loved one in luck ... We at VisionGold® have a great selection of top quality engagement ring designs from first to last because we are a goldsmith's workshop. and we control the jewelry at all stages of its manufacture, at the same time our prices are the best in terms of the quality of the jewelry that is top quality. After all, we can customize the jewelry to your liking and affordability to put top diamonds on the one-piece ring you choose.

 Ask yourself all of these questions you have when choosing where to buy your one-piece ring. This is very important

 When looking for the perfect engagement ring or wedding ring, start the relationship with the jeweler or seller.

1) Your jeweler or salesman listens (understands what you are looking for and looking for)

The jeweler or seller should also focus on the future bride. It's all about her: her style, her needs, her desires.
 Listen to yourself, they are trying to sell you a particular ring or focus on something like price !! It gives you a range of different single-ring rings but at the same time helps to guide you to narrow down your choices, you should not feel confused

2) Is the jeweler established and recognized? Has he been in the jewelry manufacturing and marketing sector for years.
 Choose someone with whom you can develop a long-term relationship. Look at how long the jeweler or jewelery lab has been operating and do a little research on the store or e-shop. Yes an established business is more likely to have excellent reports and be close to you with services such as ring maintenance

3) Does the jeweler offer a wide range of services?

A respected jeweler will offer a range of services that will help you choose your ring and with the needs that are likely to emerge along the way to finding a ring. Here are some things to look for: The diamonds you sell have certified diamonds from a reputable geological institute such as gia or they will only offer you a store guarantee. A jeweler who is at the same time a craftsman can guide you better on the engagement ring and help you with the different and different ways of tying the diamond. or if she does an office job she can guide you to choose slim "shanks" in engagement rings while your life-style woman may suggest a simpler ring if she is more athletic. with a more enhanced "frame" to make the diamond safer !!
You can also suggest a custom made engagement ring from a sketch of your own or some other photo you have seen on the internet that you like.

4) Your store offers a wide variety of one-stone rings

 To be sure that you have chosen the right one-way ring you must have seen many options to be sure that you have found the perfect one. This step is very important

5) The store or e-shop is known

 When you go to a reputable jewelry store, they should be able to resolve any questions you have. Feel free to leave if a seller refuses to answer your question. And of course when choosing a store or an e-shop for your engagement ring you can be sure that you will want to ask a lot of questions about the jewelry itself and usually these questions are mainly centered around the diamond.

6) How a shop manages diamond certification and evaluation

 Don't just talk to the jeweler or seller about the quality of the diamond but also ask for a diamond certificate from an independent recognized gemstone laboratory such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (IGI), Gemological Science International (GSI) or the American Gem (AGS). The certification proves that the stone is natural and describes any treatments performed on it. It also records the color, carat and quality of the diamond.

7) Does your store know about 4Cs first hand?

You may not be trained to see the 4Cs of a diamond, but a good jeweler should guide you through the process and provide you with the tools to help you see the true beauty of what you are about to buy. When viewing the stones, be sure to request the following:

    Can you see the cut of the diamond under a geological microscope?
    Does the jeweler have full spectrum diamond light for color classification?
    Is there a range of diamonds or colored stones to compare the color of the diamond?

8) How the Jeweler Marks the Carat of the Precious Metal in the Solitaire Ring

 Ask for a stamp that confirms the precious metal content, such as 9K, 14K or 18K for gold or PLT for platinum. A reputable jeweler will not hesitate to show you.

9) What are the jewelry policies regarding guarantees and returns?

 Can the store provide you with the ring you want on the schedule you need? make sure you understand this store's warranty and return policy

The final question

10) Overall, can you trust the jeweler?

 Is it worth trusting this store? Before you make your purchase you have to ask yourself .... Do you trust them. Don't hesitate to trust your instincts .... After all, He has not betrayed you most of the time and you will always be assured that you have made the right choice. A sense of confidence can come from many places: from setting up a friend or acquaintance to your family - from the overall picture of the e-shop and more importantly from doing the research and answering all the right questions you have asked. Armed with these questions you will be ready to shop for an engagement ring or wedding ring with a little more ease, and Try to build a lifelong relationship with a jewelry workshop that will be with you whatever you need in the future for your ring or ring. at other unique moments of your life !!!

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