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5 Simple Steps To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

5 Simple Steps To Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

Choosing the diamond engagement ring and observing the style of the future bride - what jewelry does she have when she looks at the showcases of jewelers !!!!

 Buying a wedding or engagement ring is the perfect example of a paradoxical choice !!! On the one hand, it is reassuring that there is a perfect ring for every woman out there, and on the other hand, the huge number of decisions you have to make as a buyer of a engagement ring ..... The decision can be very difficult. A diamond is forever and is a woman's best friend, a slogan from us has for years been synonymous with a one-stone ring .... However, extra great pressure on your choice.

 What choices does your future spouse make when she wears jewelry, Just the Bold Basics ... Colorful jewelry to match her clothes?
 When you get into the pain of finding the engagement ring, focus on your woman's image and then reject various step-by-step options.

Step 1: Determine her personal style

 You may not have spent enough time wondering about the style of your fiancee - Heavenly prophecy you know is beautiful and unique, but what are her preferences and personality? spend some time observing the choices she makes in her style (watch her discreetly - otherwise she will surely know that you are preparing something if you suddenly start looking at her all the time!).

 For example, he prefers:

 Classic style: T-shirts and jeans, simple dresses with skirts and trousers;

 Retro style: vintage clothes, Victorian rockabilly and funky leather

 Romantic style: beautiful blouses, fuchsia, maxi skirts, slim sandals

 Bold, colorful style: bright, wrapped dresses, high heels platforms or high heels;

 Of course, many women combine and match these different styles. Pay attention to how she dresses for her job and how she dresses at weekends or how she dresses at her outings. What is your preferred style?

 Aside from how she dresses, consider her lifestyle. You should also choose the one-piece ring to suit her lifestyle. For example, someone who is sporty in style may prefer a single stone stone with smaller stones instead of a very large stone ring. While someone dedicated to her career and career may want a one-stone ring that is very expensive and impressive

Step 2: Determine the style of jewelry

 Your future wife may already have a very good jewelry or maybe wear fashion jewelry to enhance her style !!! Notice the choices he makes when a boy buys jewelry whether they are expensive or cheap.

 Choose white gold yellow yellow or pink gold?
 Does she have the tendency to wear Simple Basic Jewelry - single-ply diamond earrings or pearls - necklace or pendant? Wearing Jewelry Depending on the clothes she wears?
 She is often impressed with her jewelry, which other people notice and comment on? tends to prefer a particular gem or metal color? For example, does she wear a jewelry with her own zodiac stone? does she have any traditional jewelry and miles that are passed down from generation to generation and she often wears them?

Step 3: Ask for Help
 If you are trying to hold on to the ringside surprise you obviously can't ask your fiancé directly to tell you what the ringside of her dream is. But there may be specific ways to find out, for example at your evening out for a drink or a movie you might pass by a jeweler in a rather indifferent way observe what she is looking for and liking. There is a lot you can learn about a person on social sites like Facebook or Pinterest to see what she's interested in recently, Also you can see some Pinterest boards that have saved about home designing fashion in general and simple things to do she likes them!!!

 Another way is to ask her family or train her friends - they will be able to give you a feminine perspective on what your favorite would look like in a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring.

Step 4: Limit your choices

 You begin to explore the various options you need to make for a engagement ring and use your knowledge to help you narrow down your choices. For example would you choose a classic Solitaire Ring with a center stone or Solitaire Ring that will have side stones or an alternative Solitaire?
 Whitegold- yellow gold or pink gold? White diamonds - colored stones - modern, classic or vintage style;
 At VisionGold® Jewelry Lab we will be able to help you choose according to the personality and lifestyle of your fiancé. Choose the right one-piece ring from a variety of designs in Greek quality and in the best value for money to make the most an attractive purchase and at the same time you have made a purchase of a Dream Life jewelry for your loved one,

Step 5: Determine your budget

 A step that will help you to exclude many options and reach the Desired Goal where you will have a remarkable one-way ring in your financial abilities. No need to spend to get her dream ring we here at VisionGold® understand you and have smart solutions to make your own jewelry!

 Focusing on the woman of your life where she is - who she is and how she expresses herself - you will reach the dream ring that will be proud of wearing it and showing off to your girlfriends while captivating you

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