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How to Buy GIA Certified Diamonds

How to Buy GIA Certified Diamonds

How to Buy GIA Certified Diamonds

 No matter how well known you may be when buying diamonds, it is a complicated market that can be confusing and lead to many questions about whether the diamond is exactly as advertised in an online store or even in a jeweler. To help consumers and feel confident about their purchase, independent organizations such as GIA Provide Official Certifications for Diamond Verification.

What is GIA Diamond Certification?
 The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) was founded in 1931 and has become a trusted authority in the field of Diamond Grading !!! In 1953 the GIA grading system for Diamonds and other gemstones was accepted worldwide. To date, diamonds can be sent to the GIA for certification that will follow the diamond each time it is bought or sold. Because GIA is an independent third party, customers can rest assured that the certifications are honest and non-discriminatory.

What exactly is GIA certification
The GIA analyzes a diamond and then provides a complete report detailing the 4C information (carat, cut, purity and color) of the stone. The report also provides information on whether the diamond has been processed to improve its appearance as well as enough information on the type of cutting and its symmetry !!! There are various services offered by GIA beyond certification, such as laser writing that will indicate the GIA reference number on the side where it can only be seen with a microscope (between the top of the diamond and the stone cone, there the thin zone). Enter the number in the certificate printed by the GIA to confirm the identity of the stone and to prevent fraud.

Why is GIA Certification Important?
 When Buying a Diamond How can you know carat cutting diamond purity and color If this is what the seller is telling you !! With GIA certification checking, of course. Without this official certification, there is no way to know how much the diamond is worth and therefore what is a fair price for it. GIA-certified diamonds will also have a stronger resale value, as you will have official documentation to prove its worth in the future.

How to Buy a GIA Certified Diamond?
 Our clients at VisionGold® have easy access to several designs of Solid Stone Wedding and Engagement Rings at competitive Wholesale Diamond Prices. At VisionGold® all stone rings larger than 0.20 carats are all GIA certified !!! The GIA report will have the unique identification number Who can also be further verified online on the official GIA page to verify that the diamond they are buying is already registered !!! It is important to note that a GIA certificate and a report by a monologue trainee are not exactly the same and do not have the same weight. If they are not willing to provide you with GIA certification we would advise you not to buy this diamond

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